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5 10月

Zanzibar Activity #1 Prison Island



Today I will introduce the most popular activity tour in Stone town!


Speaking of the popular or famous activity tour in East Africa is Safarii.

 Elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinoceros, or zebras in Kenya or main land of Tanzania

You can enjoy with lots of animals running around in a huge ground, Savanna!


Unfortunately, however, there is no such a huge land or the world of Survival of the fittest in this Island….


But we do not still give up…..!

Zanzibar has THAT one which should be proud to the world….


That is


The ocean!!!

Also there are lots ofIslandsaround Zanzibar Island!

This is why I will invite you to the best activity which you can experience in only this Island, Zanzibar.

Are you ready to go to ‘ Prison Island’??



Prison Island

This Island which has the name sounds weird is located in about 3km away from stone town where is the heart of Zanzibar Island.


As you can see, that Island under the sun set

As its name suggests, it had been the Island for holding the slaves who resisted before when they were sold and boughtin Zanzibar Island.


A merchant of slaves had had the right of ownership of this Island.



Trace of PRISON inside this Island even now, and there is a rumor which there are iron ball, chain which had been attached with slave’s neck and ankle and hook to not let them escape inside room

This is the true PRISON Island as you can see that name


*~Prison Island~


I have introduced the negative history with serious tone but no worries at all!


This Island has become the super popular Island these days!

That is the amazing paradise with very clear ocean and withe sand!


This is exactly a holy place!!!!

I have talked too much but let’s move the main topic!


Depart with a rented boat

Firstly, you had better book the tour to go there by tour desk of the accommodation where you stay such as hotel or nearest tour desk.

It costs about 30 USD with the tour included snorkeling

You can share the boat and join it with your friends or other guests then, you can split the bill with them.

I went there with a guest who stayed at hostel where I’m working.

You can also go there without help by tour desk and negotiate with the drivers if you have confident with price negotiation

(but I will recommend to use a tour desk or something because to negotiate is too bothering….)


After finishing procedure of the tour, we rented snorkeling goods.

You can rent these for free so, you should,

No, you must rent it!!!!!

Okay, let’s go!



The boat is ready to bring us there.

Say goodbye to stone town and let’s go with this boat.


It takes about 20 mins to get to prison Island


This boat shake intensely, so if you are easy to get a vehicle sick, I recommend you to take a medicine in advance.


I thought it’s about to get there so I leaned forward a boat

‘omg how amazing this is….’


‘It’s much nicer than ocean around Stone town… I think?’



‘OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!


Our tension is going up instantly.

I didn’t expect that this was so nice to be honest yeah…


Such a beautiful ocean exists in this world


You have to pay $4 or 8000tzsh per person for admission fee for tax for entering this Island.

If you have exact bill (8000tzsh), it’s the best because they sometimes don’t have no the change.

( i recommend you to pay by Shilling.)


This is the Island where is most loved by tourists of stone town

Okay, time to explore!


*the time spending with giant tortoise


There are a lot of giant tortoises here

Hello there!!!! You are so huge



This guy is drinking water. Yeah i know it is too hot here….


MISSION! Let’s feed them!

You can buy a cabbage for feeding, and the profit will be used for taking care of them.


As you can see, they are lovely but too much giant tortoises at the same time hehe….



The number is written on their shell and it means their agae!


The oldest one is more than 200 y.o.!!!!!

Look for it ٩( ‘ω’ )و

There might be other animals here but I could only find female peacock with her babies at this time

Okay! It was so much fun!

After this I enjoyed chilling at the beautiful beach and collecting affordable seashells!



Oh, time to go back… i want to stay a bit more.


We will enjoy snorkeling for about 30 mins on our way to go back to stone town then, will go there.



Return the rented items, the tour is finished!

We are exhausted but of course we won’t go back to hostel throughway.

We need this one!




Drink Tusker beer. Have relived our throat, our exhaustion has already gone thanks to this Nothing better than this!!!hehe


* A schedule

Let me tell the schedule of this tour.


The tour itself is very simple, it takes about 3hrs include the tour application.

9am application of the tour

9:30am departure

10am arriving and free time

11am finish free time and starting snorkeling

11:30am finish snorkeling

12pm arrive at stone town


This tour is taken place twice a day- in the morning and afternoon-, but Irecommend to join in the morning because it is too hot in the afternoon


It took 15 dollar per person ($30 for 2) and 8000tzsh for entrance fee


It is favorable that this tour is finished at a half day as a tour which you can enjoy easily!



Most popular tour ‘Prison Island’

You had better ride a boat with someone and split the bill. It’s cheaper.

The ocean is incredibly wonderful

Play with giant tortoises hehe

Take a medicine if you are easy to get sick!

Simple tour which takes about 3 hrs


When you visit stone town, go to Prison Island as well.

Then, Tutaonana, guys!!!!


This is our website, if you have plan to visit Zanzibar, please check it.






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