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3 12月

How about order made Zanzibar clothes?

Let’s find only one clothes for you in the world!


Do you want to find the precious clothes for only you in Zanzibar?

Do you want to buy a nice souvenir for yourself or someone?

I will introduce how to find them here today!


  1. What is KANGA?
  2. What is KITENGE?
  3. What is KIKOI?
  4. PAREO of Zanzibar
  5. The recommended tailor shops

There are some traditional kind of cloth or material in Africa, especially Kenya, Tanzania and here, Zanzibar are very famous as an origin of them.

-the street where lots of materials are sold

When you walk around in stone town, you can find lots of clothing shops.

They look very similar, but most of them are different a little bit. As you can see, they are very colourful, and lovely.

  1. KANGA

The kanga, is a colourful fabric similar to kitenge, but lighter, worn by women and occasionally by men throughout the African Great Lakes region. It is a piece of printed cotton fabric-by Wikipedia

This one is used for dress, clothes, curtain, table cloth… anything!

-The fabric which is used for KANGA has a standard as to that size, it is that width is 110cm, length is 150cm.

-They often have Swahili sayings on them.

-good for accent design


Kitenge or chitenge is an East African, West African and Central African fabric similar to sarong, often worn by women and wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling as well.

Kanga and Kitenge are very similar but Kitenge is more formal fabric and heavier than kanga. The colour on them will not be changed so you don’t have to be worried about the colour run. This is why you can use for long term.

Also we use KITENGE for our furniture like covers for chairs and cushions. These make us cheerful because of these lovely colours:)



  1. KIKOI

A Kikoi is a traditional rectangle of woven cloth originating from Africa, particularly along the east coast as far south as the Horn of Africa. It is most commonly viewed a type of sarong. As with all sarongs it is a single piece of cloth which is wrapped around the waist, and rolled over outwards a couple of times. However, to the people native to that part of Africa, they are much more versatile and ubiquitous. They can be used as a sling to hold a baby, towel, head wrap, etc. -by Wikipedia

These designs are not printed, I mean to produce kikoi, producer use lots of different colour strings. For instance, you can use this one as scarf, wrap your waist as a skirt or pareo or beach towel etc…

  1. Pareo (cotton pants)

This kind of clothes is not only for women, men also often wear it because they are very soft and comfortable. This is why this is the best clothes to wear in tropical country I think

Most of them which are sold here are mainly from other countries such as

Thailand, Indonesia, or China but this shop is selling this kind of clothes which is made in ZANZIBAR. It is very rare to find it.

Buuuut, this shop doesn’t have any signs to find it, so come to ten to ten Zanzibar, and ask me plz…lol❤

  1. The recommended tailor shops.

If you don’t find your favourite one in the shop, you can choose cloth whatever you like and bring it to the tailor shop! You can tell them your favourite shape, length, design, anything! Then they will make it as desired.

It will be only clothes for you all over the world

There are some shops selling clothes can be also tailor shop in Stone town. So you can just go to those shops, and ask staff it is possible to tailor clothes from your material but I’m introducing recommended ones.


-Will be nice souvenir and also a memory for couple in Zanzibar if you make matching clothes

This shop is good at producing clothes with using KITENGE and KANGA. It’s not only for ladies fashion but also for men’s ones as well (as you can see at this upon picture)

Of course it depends on the design of clothes like how shape it will be, how big it will be but it usually takes 1 day to be finish your clothes.


-very near our hostel(1min by walk)

They are good at making the clothes with using Pareo material. Also one grandma is producing KITENGE and KANGA by herself.

It depends on the design of clothes like how shape it will be, how big it will be but it usually takes from 1 hour to 1 day to be finish your clothes.(if you accept to get your clothes on the next day, price would be cheaper than to get during the day.)

-inside the shop

Would you like to buy those lovely clothes? Would you like to make your own clothes with using those traditional African stuff ?? When I see these colourful clothes, I feel like’ I’m in tropical Island!’ hehe (because I’m from a Northern city and I cannot find this kind of stuff there) unfortunately, however, I cannot tell exactly what is the differences between KANGA and KITENGE through the screen because their main differences are texture. To know it, you should see and touch them! So come to Zanzibar and make it! It could be fashionable souvenir for yourself, family or your partner and also could be a precious memory of Zanzibar.


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