Go to the floating restaurant around stone town!-Zanzibar things to do!

4 4月

Let’s visit “Dreamer’s Island”

Who says nothing to do in Zanzibar!?

Actually, there are lots of things what to do and where to go in Zanzibar!!!!



I will introduce one of thigs what to do in Zanzibar today.

It is that going to the floating restaurant, DREAMER’S ISLAND!!!

As you know, this island is surrounded by beautiful ocean and there is a beach near our hostel.

So you can enjoy it any time!

So I will introduce a restaurant where you should visit!

Then, let’s go!!!!!

*On the way

Walk in the beaches with nice wind and sun:)

In Just 5 mins by foot from our hostel, you can see 2 buildings in the ocean.

This is the restaurant where I’m going today!

(Another one is accommodation where you can stay)



How can we go there?

I tried to call them but they didn’t answer…. In addition, no staff, no boat and no information here omg….


(5mins later)


My friend found her local friend by chance, so she asked him how we can get there and he called the staff with local style like screaming forward to the ocean lol

‘Finally we can go there! Asante sana, Kaka!’(means thanks a lot, man)


Go there with a TALKATIVE and friendly driver by this small boat!

It’s nice to talk with local people but I feel they are sometimes too talkative and friendly…lol

(Of course fare is free!)


This boat is coming and go between the restaurant and beach to send their guests off, so if you cannot see you can just wait for mins then the staff comes back!




It just takes one minute to get there!



Arriving anyway~!!!!!

Looks amazing!


Let’s enter inside restaurant!!!!!!


Atmosphere is beautiful, but it is hard to see sunset which is our main purpose to come here


So, Go to upstairs!!!!


-the upstairs seats


What a nice design! Very fashionable and also make us comfortable

The staff brought the menu

Very simple menu!


They have just a few seafood meal and some cocktails.


Also beers are not on the menu but if you ask the staff, they will tell you a few kinds of beer they have on that day!


Usually they have 4 kinds of beer. So choose your favourite one!

(I strongly recommend SELENGETII)


I will post all beer which you can try in Zanzibar on next blog!

Look forward to it plz❤



Ohhhhhh our drinks came!

Okay, time to drink!!!!!


We have ordered

(Left side)‘BEACH LOVER’-vodka, Kahlua, milk -14000tzsh(≒6 USD)

(Right side)‘GREEN PASSION’-Malibu rum, white rum, blue curacao, passion juice-14000tzsh





Beach lover was sweet and like a dessert

Many ladies will like it, I think❤


Green passion was light taste and fresh seed of passion fruit was inside.

And appearance is like ocean as you can see, so match the view from this restaurant☆


In my opinion, the concentration of alcohol of cocktails served in Zanzibar are mostly very thick….


I tried them at some other restaurants in Zanzibar, they were so thick at that time as well….

So if you don’t like it, you can ask the staff to thin alcohol.


Also, when you order the drink, cassava chips is also served for their service.

This one is soooooooo yummy!!!!!! Literrally!!!!!!!  Not so heavy like potato chips, and you can taste real flavour of Cassava.

When I see this one sold in the street, I would absolutely buy!!




While chilling out, the sun is about to set down.

Looking at sunset with nice cocktails in this restaurant is our main purpose to come here!!!!


Are you ready to see!?


Come on!!!!


It looks so amazing, beautiful, and dreamy



This side is east of this restaurant, so I cannot see nicely….omg….


Yeah, that is alright, still nice, but I wanted to look at it clearly, nicely to be honest…..lol


We have stayed here for about 1 hour and the time to go back has come.

Going to downstairs and paying there:)


……wait, wait wait!!!!!!!

We found incredible view on downstairs!


We realized there are other seats behind cashier at west side

Guess what…..

It means we could see beautiful sunset in front while drinking and chilling out!

We were so stupid…..we should have checked it……

So we tried to take a picture but of course sun had already gone….


I will come here again.

No. I will come and HAVE THIS SEAT next time!


☆Editor’s note☆

We went there on Wednesday around 6pm but it was not crowded at all.

You can have a seat anywhere you like, I think!


So, I do recommend you to have a seat behind the casher when you go there at sunset time.


Here, Information of this restaurant.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to book, contact them!

(The phone number on google map wasn’t working)



I know someone would say THE ROCK which is the most famous floating restaurant in Zanzibar near Paje beach is better.


I also have been there and it was so nice.

HOWEVER!!!!!! Here is 2 things.

  1. It is far from stone town (if you mainly stay at stone town during your holiday)
  2. You cannot see sunset nicely because this is located in eastern side of Zanzibar.


(I will introduce THE ROCK on another blog anyway)


So, if you don’t have enough time to go there, if you want see sunset nicely, or if you want to look for a nice bar around stone town, you should come to this restaurant!




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