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11 8月


In this article I’ll introduce to you some recommended tours in Zanzibar.

“Spice Tour”


First tour to introduce is “Spice tour”


This is the one of the most popular tour in the Zanzibar.


What you can do in this tour is to go to the spice garden and learn about spice.


Of course , a guide who can speak English will guide you.


Zanzibar is a very famous spice production area and spices from Zanzibar are


fragrant and very good quality.




There are several huge spice plantations in Zanzibar.


In the spice tour, the guide will walk together in the spice plantation and explain not only the spices but also the fruits.




Also they explain while actually watching spice or fruit.


The explanation about spices is interesting enough but you can also taste spices

and eat fruits here.


Fruit depends on the season, but if it is a spice, you can taste it because it is fruiting regardless of season.


Imagine the fresh and sweet fruit you eat after walking around on a tour.


I felt better than usual and my fatigue was gone.


The tour lasts about an hour.


Most of the plantation are about an hour one way from Stone Town so if you leave

the Stone Town in the morning you can come back in the lunch time.


Tours can start at any time every day so if you want to go it is best way to contact

with tour company.


You can also make application for tour from people calling out the road but

sometimes Rip-off occurs.


Our hostel has a tour desk so it is better to ask there.


Depending on the number of people and the season, most you can go for less than

$30 per person including taxi fare.



“Prison Island Tour”


This tour is also very popular from tourist.


Name sounds like weird but don’t worry you will never be put into Prison.


You can go on a small boat from Stone Town.


If you go in a group, the price per person may be cheaper so I recommend to go in a



Prison island is rich in nature and you can see the special land turtle called





I’m not going to mention much about Prison Island here.


Because there is already an article on the blog that describes what happened when

you went to Prison Island.


If you are interested, please read the article.


I’ll paste the URL here.



“Stone Town City Tour”


If you are deciding to come to Zanzibar or staying at Zanzibar now, of course You

know about Stone Town right??


Stone Town is located on the western coast of Zanzibar.




Former capital of the Zanzibar and flourishing center of the spice trade as well as the

slave trade in the 19th century, it retained its importance as the main city of Zanzibar

during the period of the British protectorate.


Stone Town is a city of prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa.


Its architecture, mostly dating back to the 19th century, reflect the diverse influences

underlying the Swahili culture , giving a unique mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and

European elements.


For this reason, the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000.


Stone Town, a World heritage Site, has many attractions.


For example “Old Fort” ”Slave Market” “Palace Museum” ”Roman Catholic

Cathedral”…There is no end to give an example.




In the Stone Town, there is not only a attraction, also the cityscape itself is beautiful

and there many original huge doors called “Zanzibar Doors”




It is very interesting to walk around Stone Town with a guide who is fluent in English

explaining about the attraction and history of Stone Town.


So now I’ll tell you how to participate in the city tour.


If you are walking around the Stone Town, you will be asked “I am a tour guide, how

about a city tour?” from many people.


It is possible to hold a tour by them but you have to negotiate for the amount.


Because there is no stipulated fee for a tour in Zanzibar.


This tour also price per person will be lower if you go in a group, same as Spice Tour

or Prison Island Tour.


What do you think if you can participate in such as a tour for free?


Our guesthouse “Ten To Ten” has a tour desk and also you can make a reservation



But we hold a FREE CITY TOUR at every Tuesday and Thursday.


It’s depend on the time and number of guest so it is good to ask for information at the



“Jozani Forest Tour”


Do you know the Jozani Forest??


Jozani Forest is the only national park on Zanzibar.


It is very small like 50㎢ but there is very beautiful.


Jozani Forest is famous for rare red Clobus Monkeys and even harder to spot.


Zanzibar Red colobuses or Kirk’s red colobus, Old World monkeys, the most threatened taxonomic group of primates in Africa, – mother with her child – on a tree in Jozani Forest on Zanzibar.



Zanzibar Sykes monkey, a very rare monkey species unique to Zanzibar.


Along with Red Clobus Monkeys you can expect to see Bushbaby, 50 different

species of butterflies and 40 species of birds.


But you have to be careful, that you cannot enter to the forest only the traveler.


To protect the wild life it is not permitted to walk off the paths without an official



This tour is also able to make a reservation at our tour desk.




“Sunset Dhow Tour”


This tour takes you on a dhow and goes out to sea to see the sunset.


“Dhow” is a lateen-rigged ship with one or two masts, used chiefly in the Arabian




Imagine watching a sunset on the Indian Ocean on a boat like this.



Stone Town is fortunately located on the west side of Zanzibar.


It means you can see the sunset as it sinks into the sea.


It is able to see the sunset from the coast but when I got on the boat and saw the

sunset, I felt that I was united with nature and was very touching.




Also Zanzibar Island in the evening seen from the ship was very beautiful.


It is not easy to get on a dhow, so I recommend it.


But here you have to be careful.


The dhow is not so big so it shakes very much.


If you often get motion sickness, you must take medicine for motion sickness or

better to nor participate.


There are many kind of other tours such as “Sunset Tours” and “Dolphin Tours” but

I’ll finish to introduce this time.


Because there is no limit.


The tours I introduce this time in this article are popular among others.


I think to ask the tour company what kind of tours there are and choose the one that

you want to go is the best way.


I hope you have a good time in Zanzibar.


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