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3 9月


Wouldn’t you like to eat local food when you travel?


Some people think it’s the best part of their traveling.


Also I think.


I have stayed in Zanzibar for 3 months and have eaten various things.


Today I’ll introduce about my recommended local food.


I will introduce it into 5 categories


[Meal] [snack] [seasoning] [drink] [other]


First is meal





Ugali is a type of cornmeal porridge made in Africa.


In Zanzibar we call ugali but in other country they have a different name.


For example in Malawi they call “Nsima”, in Mozambique they call “Chima”.


You can see how much ugali is loved by African people because of eaten in many other country.


Ugali has no taste so they eat it with soup and other side dishes.


Do you know how to make ugali?


Just mix boiling water and cornmeal.


It is not difficult to make if you don’t make the wrong amount of water.


People who eat for the first time may not feel delicious but if you visit Zanzibar, there is worth to eat once.


If you want to eat, you can not eat it at a restaurant for tourist so you need local people to guide you to local restaurant.







Chapati is a popular Indian flat bread made with wheat flour.


Zanzibar culture is influenced by various countries due to its historical background, especially greatly influenced by India.


That’s why people in Zanzibar likes to eat chapati.


Mostly they eat it in breakfast.


Also they usually eat with soup.


You can find stalls selling chapati not only in Stone Town but throughout Zanzibar.


It’s cost only 500 Tanzania shilling≒quarter US dollar per one chapati.


Most tourist like chapati even the first time, not like ugali.





Biriyani is a mixed rice dish.


Also its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.


When you order biriyani at a restaurant or stalls, it often comes with “Masala”.


Masala is a side dish seasoned with spices and is very similar to curry.


Look at the picture, the brown one attached to the side is Masala.




I highly recommend biriyani in “Lukmaan”.


the picture is taken in lukmaan


Lukmaan is a popular restaurant for tourists and locals in Stone Town, Zanzibar.


I have introduced it in the previous article so check it out.






Pilau is eaten all over the world.





Also in Zanzibar. They loved pilau so much.


Pilau in Zanzibar is brown like the picture.


If you go to a local restaurant, you can eat it in most place.


The taste and the ingredients in pilau are different for each store.


My favorite pilau in Stone Town, Zanzibar is “Home Base”


Beef and potatoes inside and simple seasoning is delicious.


If you want to have a pilau I will recommend here.


If you want to go there it is difficult for me to explain in here but I think local people can tell you where the restaurant is.


It is near from the center of Stone Town.



Zanzibar pizza


Zanzibar pizza looks a little different from what you can eat in Rome or Naples.


Thicker than ordinary pizza and ingredients are wrapped in the dough.




There are various types of ingredients.


In addition to classic chicken and beef, there are also sweets flavor such as chocolate and fruit.


Zanzibar pizza can be eaten as a meal and dessert.


You can not eat it everywhere in Zanzibar, almost only in Forodhani night market.


Also this is often eaten by tourists rather than local people.





Urojo, also called Zanzibar mix is a popular favorite in the Zanzibar.


You can not find it in mainland.


Can you imagine how this yellow soup tastes like?




It may be different from your imagination, but it is sour.


Someone who likes and dislikes may be divided, but it is good for me.


Depending on the shop but, the ingredients are usually vegetables, meat and boiled eggs.


There are many shops in Stone Town, especially in forodhani night market.


They sell urojo at 2000Tanzania shillings ≒1USdollars.


Next I will introduce about seasoning.


Pili pili



Pili pili refers to chili in Swahili.


Zanzibar’s pili pili is different from ordinary chili.


What’s the different??


The shape and taste are different but especially hotness is really different.




It’s too spicy so they don’t mix it during cooking and don’t eat it.


If they put it all taste will change and It only taste like pili pili.


So what they do is put a cuted pili pili in a dish, like soup and mix a little and remove it.


It is enough to add a spicy taste.


It’s such a strong chili, so it is very painful to touch the face especially eyes, with a hand touching the pili pili.


Please be careful not to touch your face, I had experienced this but it was horrible.


There are also pili pili sauce in Zanzibar.


It is not too hot like pili pili itself.


It’s perfect when you want to make a dish like pilau spicy.


You can use like Tabasco.


My recommendation is “Mango pili pili sauce”.


The sweetness and sourness of mango are added to the spiciness and make your dishes really nice.





Kachumbari is a fresh tomato and onion salad dish that is popular in the cuisines of the African Great Lakesregion.




Although it can be eaten as a salad, it is delicious when eaten with pilau or ugali like a seasoning.


Main ingredients are chopped tomato and chopped onion.


Season them with salt, pepper and lemon or lime. This is completed.


It is very easy to make and not hot too much like pili pili itself so it makes a good accent.


Actually, it was in the photo when I introduced pilaf.


Next I will introduce about snack you can have in Zanzibar.






Samosa is also from India.


It is fried dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat, or lentils.


It may take different forms, including triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes, depending on the region.


In Zanzibar most shape is triangular.


You can buy it at a store or local restaurant, I think you can find it easily.




Mishikaki is a generic term for skewers.




You can find quite often in Zanzibar.


Of course there is also in Forodhani night market.


There are various types such as beef, chicken, lever, shrimp, and octopus in Foradhani night market.




But it is expensive in there.


There are few types at local shops, but you can buy them at a lower price.


I think its nice when you feel bit hungry.




Kashata is a traditional East African sweet sold in markets and street corner in Zanzibar.




Its made by peanut, coconut and sugar candy.


What is attractive is that you can buy it for 200~300 Tanzania shilling.


It’s often sold with coffee or tea, good for afternoon snack time.




I think that chips are eaten in any country, but in Zanzibar it is loved so much and sold at quite a few stalls.


Zanzibar chips are relatively large in size and simple in taste.


If you don’t say anything they put salt, chili sauce, and a lot of ketchup on chips, so its necessary that you don’t like that.


You can buy it for 1000Tanzania shilling at a local stall.




Mandazi is a form of fried bread that originated on the Swahili Coast, especially in Kenya.




Not as sweet as a donut so it can be eaten with almost any food or dips or just as a snack by itself.


My favorite way to eat is sprinkle sugar to Mandazi and eat it as a sweat donut.


Next I’ll introduce about juice you can have in Zanzibar.


Sugarcane juice


Sugarcane juice is the liquid extracted from pressed sugarcane.




Zanzibar is a location famous for production of Sugarcane.


You can drink it for 500 Tanzania shilling-1000 Tanzania shilling.


A little bit of ginger and lemon in it and it is a good accent.


Masala Chai


Masala chai is a flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs.


This also originating in the Indian.


I think most people enjoy drinking with milk and sugar in black tea, when drinking chai.


But in here in Zanzibar they don’t put milk, but they put a lot of sugar.


Per cup of chai, 5 spoon of sugar is natural.


First time when I saw, I was so surprise.


Perhaps the way of thinking is different from me.


For me speaking of tea, there is an image of something to drink with something sweet, but in here Zanzibar people enjoys tea alone or with meals.


What surprised me most was that even though Tanzania has a location famous for production of coffee, ”Kilimanjaro” but They drink tea more than coffee.


Next I’ll introduce the extra edition.






Is mango cultivated in your country? Is it easy to get?


In Zanzibar you can buy a sweat mango in nice price.


The sweetness and price will change depending on the season, but you can eat delicious mango for about 2000 Tanzania shilling.




If you walk through Stone Town, you will definitely meet people selling oranges in the rear car.


You can eat two oranges for 500 Tanzania shilling.


They also peels orange for you so you can walk around with eating.


It’s really sweet so please try it.




Have you ever heard “Konyagi” ??




It is a local spirit.


Guess what made from??


It is made from Sugarcane.


It is good to drink as it is, also mix with juice to make a cocktail is good.


Be careful not to drink too much.


Because konyagi is very strong. Alcohol content is 35%.


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