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19 9月


Zanzibar is one of the place which its citizen try the best effort to follow the rule planned by the government, despite the fact that there are few people break or bend the law, the government is not asleep, it strictly take the right decision of catching those who break and take the law into their hands to be sent before the court for the accusation.


The government of Zanzibar is broadcasting different segments on the media which meant to provide education to the users of the roads, this education focuses on making the law abiding citizens, But in this paper touches only the rule of the roads which perhaps are not known, forgotten or deliberately are broken, this surely will remind all drivers of cars, motorcycle and bicycle to be more cautious than ever and keep the better prevention of accident when they are on the roads. This paper also going to help to create the safety of people in the whole Zanzibar, this paper has generally explained some rule of the roads in Zanzibar.


Firstly, before driving the cars or any kind of motorcycle all driver have to have the permit of the using roads, here I mean to have the license which can allow drivers to use the roads, not any license permit drivers to drive their motorcycle but this depends on the class that they have, example, all drivers who have the class A are required to drive the motorcycle only and the class B1 allows drivers to drive private cars of the seven seats only.


Shortly classes are many and each class has its own condition of using the vehicle on the roads, and it must be remembered the license of driving is not provided to all people like charity but when you are above 18 years of aged you are ready for getting it.


The government of Zanzibar is ever such careful in the provision of the license to who needs it, since wants all drivers to go in registered driving school like Maisara Driving School, Kisura Driving School, Police Driving School and the rest of it, in order to acquire the best knowledge of using the vehicle and roads in wide. After acquiring some knowledge, students must be sent to the Ministry of License and Transport which is located at Mwanakwereke and karakana in Zanzibar for tryout  which is both done theoretically and practically, there is where students can be judged as they are suitable drivers for using the roads or not.


After understanding some about the government on how it wants its people to use the roads and where to go learn and understand some about the roads, now lest just keep the things clear by understanding some of the rule of the roads


Wearing helmet, all drivers of the motorcycle are strictly prohibited to drive their vehicle bare head, they must wear helmet which can cover the whole heads, and not wearing the helmets can cost the driver to be accused and be sent before the law.


Wearing the belt, also the drivers of cars during the driving are supposed to wear the belt during their driving, this keeps the prevention to drivers and passengers not to hang and remained stuck if the car is unluckily hit a things on the roads. The rule of wearing a belt is for all people with the exception of pregnant mothers and children. Pregnant mother have a choice if she is healthy and able can wear that contrary to that is not allowed to wear that.


Following the sign of the road marks

The sign of the roads are quiet many and never do we finish explaining all the sign which drivers are should follow them as rule of Zanzibar wants in this paper but there are some useful sign roads like zebra cross which allows people to pass and the drivers required to stop.


Stop light which are yellow to prepare to pass, red to stop and green allows to pass. All of this light guides the driver to follow the instruction very carefully, also there are roundabout sign, the sign of not overtaking and others these all should be followed by the drivers on the roads.


Drivers should not be alcoholic, one of the basic rule of the roads is about being nonalcoholic this gives the drivers the accurate decision on roads and make them ever so cautious in using the roads, it is estimated that most of the accidents take place due to the drinking alcohol, this make drivers not aware when they drive their vehicle. And if any drivers is caught to such kind of breaking the law, the police officers have to take that person to the court for being responsible to that case. 


Using the phone when you stop and not driving. In order to be good law abiding drivers it is forbidden to use a phone when you on the roads, because there are some phone can distort the mind of the drivers and leading for bad decision on the roads, that is why all drivers of either cars or motorcycle are advised to stop their vehicle when they call or called this can help the prevention of the avoidable accidents.


Using the moderate speed, this depends on the place, there are some area like in town area drives wanted to use the moderate speed in order not to be a causative of the unnecessary accidents, in town area there are students, elders and dis able people who often use the roads if the drivers are not so careful will cause disasters of accidents.


The rule of the roads are quite many but we never finish mentioning all rules, ever since the rule was composed and being ready for using them there are some challenging rise on the roads, example the increasing of cars in Zanzibar make the roads not enough for the users and also the increasing of the cars make the frequent jams on the roads, this delays the economic activities of the nation because people spend much time on the roads, and also the roads are not wide enough many of them are narrow roads.


To make a long story short, So many drivers advise the government of the Zanzibar to expand the roads and keep the roads sign visible, and the government has started reconstructing  some of the roads like fuoni roads, bububu roads and alike. Shortly good things are coming to the citizens of Zanzibar in implementation of the rule of the roads. 



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