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19 9月


Zanzibar is the spacious island which has two island, the first one is


unguja which is by far the largest and most famous island that make up Zanzibar


The second is Pemba which is called an island of cloves, both Unguja and Pemba are the places whose dwellers deal with different economic activities like fishing, farming, driving, and so on and so forth, but most of the people deal with the fishing activities this is due to the islands being circulated with an ocean, these island has tranquility of economies, political and all aspect with respect to religion.




The native live with brotherhood, collaboration and togetherness, as well witnessed helping and supporting oneonather in education, work, food and even trades, also the dwellers are far beyond in terms of neglecting or discriminating their fellow native or nonnative of the island, surely, this probably the so place you ever have to visit to see the natural, lovely and memorable views that you can ever tell your friends and kin during your back at home.


It must be well known that if you are as visitors of Zanzibar what place ought you to go either by yourself or with your family, there are plenty of places to go either for learning or enjoying there are some places which are well renowned like jozani forest, prison island, stone town, kizimkazi cave, hamamni bath, kizimbani species and alike, all of these places are far more impressive to visit due to their attraction of each place, so the following are the best three places that you should visit when you come in the Zanzibar.


Prison Island

This is an old quarantine station, giant tortoises and snorkeling place, you have to trip by boat from the shore  of the stone town to island almost will take you thirty minutes to reach on the beautiful beach of prison island, the prison which is now owned by a hotel was built in 1893 and was originally intended to house violent prisoners from the mainland and sick people, and if you visit you will get the opportunity of seeing the giants tortoise who was imported from Seychelles in the late  of 19th centuries, they are said to be over 150 years old, also there will be a chance to touch, feed and take the photos with tortoise. Why should not you visit this place? To see the strange and beauty of the island, it is about time you rushed going there in order to create ever lasing happiness and memory.  




Jozani forest

this is the biggest forest in unguja and in the only national park in Zanzibar you ever have to visit to see monkeys , mangrove and medicine jungle, people of all most countries come to unguja to see this big forest with the rare red colobous monkeys, as well as you can expect to see bush baby, beautiful butterflies with different interesting colors and birds with their lovey songs, the monkeys have been the attraction to  visitors this is because of all countries only in Zanzibar you can see them. 


Zanzibar Red colobuses or Kirk’s red colobus, Old World monkeys, the most threatened taxonomic group of primates in Africa, – mother with her child – on a tree in Jozani Forest on Zanzibar


Jozani is a natural pharmacy, an amazing source of natural remedies as the physician come to take some leaves and roots for the convenience of curing different disease, at the moment the forest is dominated by the government of Zanzibar.

People from within or outside the country are allowed to pay visit n this forest for dirty cheap. Also it is strictly forbidden to pay visit within the forest of jozani without having the authorized guide, because the forest has contained the wild animal snakes and pythons.


It is said that there is a tiger who almost seen at the middle night, hence walking alone in this forest is to endanger your personal life, avoiding this you must walk together with authorized guide in order to be shown the proper ways to pass and getting information of what to do and what you should not do.


If that is not enough this place is very useful for students notably those who learn geography as they might learn some about the natural pounds, how to keep the land fertile, also to learn about the natural forest.


Off all forest in Zanzibar jozani is the most b beautiful place to visit.


Stone town

this is the large town in Zanzibar where by its houses built with stones by Arab traders and slavers, also this town known as ‘mji mkongwe’ because is the old part of Zanzibar, the heart of the town mostly of a maze of narrow alley lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques.

Since streets are too narrow for cars, the town is crowded with bicycles and motorbike.

This town was built by Arabian domination where by Sultan Said bin Sultan made Zanzibar as the part of his station for doing his business of slave trade, mkunazini church was used as market for selling slaves, these slaves were obtained in interior part of Africa.


In that time The increasing of the Arab population has been a main sources of building houses of stones, the stone town has just being surrounded with famous houses which many tourists free their time with a view to learning something which took place in the past time, the place that are visited many a time is like a palace museum (also known as the Sultan’s palace) this is  a former sultan’s palace on the seafront, to the north of house of wonders.


The old fort ‘ngome kongwe’ in Swahili adjacent to the house of wonders, is heavy stone of fortress that was built by the Omanis. And also the house of wonders (palace of wonders also known as Beit al Ajaib) in located on the mizingani road along the stone town seafront, and is probably the most well-known landmarks of the stone.


Which allocated in the town area, this is the most beautiful place to pay visit due to the attraction available within walking distance.


To sum up, Zanzibar has many places to visit a part from the places mentioned there also good places like kizimbani spicies, hamani bath, bi hole ruins, mangapwani coral cave and even in the beautiful zoo which is located in masingini mwera where by many children enjoy their day by seeing different animals which most of the time see them on TV.


So from this time on you have to spare your time for going visiting these places in order to create a lovely memory in your whole life.


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