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20 9月


Swahili is the first language used by the people of Zanzibar as means of communication in their daily life activities this also becomes the lovable and spoken language of the people of east Africa.



Most of the countries like Tanzania Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda are among the countries which Kiswahili language is spoken out but the most fluent and accurate language is spoken in Tanzania especially in the small island of unguja and pemba these two islands its people are abler of using Kiswahili more correctly and fluently.



Swahili is the one among the simpler language to learn either to someone or on internet, because the structure and tenses are not complex at all, hence the stranger can learn this language in these countries especially in Tanzania because there is where people speak Swahili both fluently and accurately, also there are so many institution, college and universities like Suza, Bakita and Takiluki these are some places you can learn Swahili, the following are the simple ways to speak Swahili for few days.


To find the qualified teachers, not all people who speak Swahili can be able to teach someone kiswahili,  the guests have to go in the proper and registered places which deal for teaching the strangers this language because the instructors have the better ways of teaching  and make change to the foreigners to speak this language, teachers always use simple ways which can enable students for a very short time to be able even for stammering to speak this language, examples some of them provide the useful words like ‘jambo’ means hello. ‘Hakuna matata’ means no problem. These and others words can simply improve the performance of the students.


To have a time of making practice, one of the way of improving faster in the language is ‘Talking’ if anyone has the time of making practice with either the native or nonnative of this language, or sometimes is advised to speak it own your own when you stay or walk on the way, shortly you just create a temporary craziness of the language.


This can help speakers to smoothen a mouth and tongue by saying the words, even if there are slip of the tongue might happen this must not make you disappointed but have to give you more courage of learning this language, practices make someone remember different words that someone has memorized, hearing the words gives well practice on how words are well said and spoken out. Passing in this way will unexpectedly change someone into being a good speaker of Swahili language. 


Taking new vocabulary, also the most uplifting ways to acquire the language easily, is to have the tireless effort on taking some new words either when you hear them spoken by someone, see them, taking them in dictionary or from any Swahili books, this way will make anyone be a rich of vocabularies in this language. Sometimes the language can have ambiguity of the words, example it happens in the language a word has many ways to use it. 


Example in Swahili the word ‘kata’ can mean to cross, to cut, also is the style of dancing. So if the speaker has only a meaning to this word, sometimes will make the speakers understand the conversation more wrongly. 


Have a nice time of reading and imitating. Reading the books help students not only increasing their thinking capacity and vocabulary but also help them to find out the useful sentences and going as far as to catch the idioms, saying and proverbs.

These words cannot be translated to the way you see them, example a person who has lived for a long time in Kiswahili we say ‘’amekula chumvi nyingi’’ meaning is has eaten much salt, but this meaning is different of what is meant the really meaning is ‘’ a person who lived for a long time’’.

The kind of words like this, most of the time used in story books or used by the elders so these things are seldom used by the youths in their conversation. also to the part of imitation is good, but you have to be aware that, the spoken language does not have limitation, youths have their own ways to talk so do elders, women also have their own way of speaking same to the men, example the word ‘marriage’ in Kiswahili women are married ‘’kuolewa’’ men marry ‘’kuowa’’ the better learners ask how words are used in this language avoiding being a laughing stock to the natural speakers of this language. 


However have a good time of listening and writing, language is not only learnt by practicing also you must spare your time for making the exercises of writing in order to be both able of speaking and writing it, the techniques of writing, teachers can just make dictation by mentioning some word then you write the words spoken, then teacher can correct where you have mistaken, also the composition of essay or writing any story in Kiswahili can give students  practices of understanding the correct spelling of the words. To the side of listening you must prefer listening the realistic native to nonnative this can better your hearing when words are from the mouth of the natural speakers of the language.


To sum up, the above mentioned methods, are the useful ways of acquiring Kiswahili and being almost like the real native of this language if you try harder and harder to keep your dream alive of speaking Swahili you must acquire it seeing as how the more you speak and practice the language the better you become, and the less you make the practice the worst you remain, so my convincing words if you want to speak Swahili as the native you are to follow the above instruction, this surely will make you in the safe side of completing your dreams of knowing it.


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