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20 9月


The transportation has just been divided into three kinds, there are land, air and sea transportation, all of this transportation used for different activities of the citizens of Zanzibar.

This country has been one among the developing countries in terms of transport as people use more often different transports to go where they need to go. 

The following are the means of transportation used in Zanzibar.


land transportation this is used by the citizens to shift themselves or goods from one place to another by using the land example of the  transportation of land used in Zanzibar like taxi, public transportation daladala, bodaboda, bicycle, motorbike, vans and alike, also the land transportation seem to be belonged to many people.


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This transport has many advantages to the people of Zanzibar like, it enhances door to door service, this is widely seen in the island of Unguja the bodaboda transport take passengers and even luggage from one door or warehouse to another,  so this reduces cartage, loading and unloading expenses.

Provision of services in rural life, land transport in Zanzibar has been a very sources of carrying or bring the goods to the people, this land has not yet train transport so its people use cars for taking cargo and passengers.

Private owned vehicles, another big advantages the land transport is belonged to many people in comparison with the sea and air transport, example many people have motorbike, cars or bicycle.

The land transport is just like coin has two side, this means has advantages as mentioned above and advantages as coming below, let see the disadvantages or challenges of transport to the people of Zanzibar.

The currently challenges is focused on the government by shifting the bus station of Michezani to kijangwani the citizens complain and blame much on this due to the big walking distance, so the changing wants passengers to go to take transport to the new station at kijangwani.


Also bodaboda transport are big challenges ever since came in Zanzibar, first the government of Zanzibar has not officially permitted for bodaboda transport to be used in Zanzibar, so it is illegally used.

Second this transport is related to the criminal actions, like grabbing phones, women’s begs and alike. Also the land transport is seasonal transport this is not reliable at all because during the rainy season the flood take place and the roads become unfit to pass the vividly example can be seen in Mwanakwerekwe where by the roads becomes impassable and make people circulate in another roads including the roads of Nyumba mbili.


Sea transportation, this uses sea going vessels on voyage which are undertaken wholly or partly at sea, examples of sea transport like ferry boat, sailboat, passenger ship, seaplane canoe and alike, of the various modes of transport, it is only sea transport, that offers the highest carrying capacity, a ship can even carry several aero planes, also sea transport plays a crucial role in the international trade of any country and lastly there is no problem of traffic congestion in the mid-sea, this avoids delay. All of these used for transport and some other times used for sport in the sea like canoe and seaplane, even we don’t have the seaplane most the seaport is being done during jahazi festival at the old fort ‘ngomekongwe’  where by stiff competition of the ark take place.

Despite having advantages, sea transport has many disadvantages as the following. It is the lowest mode of transport, this means the perishable goods cannot be sent by the sea route, it is very much affected by weather and climatic condition, also lack of stable political condition in many countries also come as a barriers in sea transport. Briefly sea transport is the one among the dangerous transport since its accidents can lose many people during the sinking, if the rescue boats are not well prepared.



Air transport, the mobility of men and material by air is called air transport, it is the fastest means of transport, it is very useful for a long distances and saves time, and this transport is free from physical barriers like rivers, mountain and valley. This transport used much during the earthquake, flood, accidents and famine air transport is used for rescue operation example in Zanzibar where the disastrous moment came to the late MV-FATIH helicopter was used to find out where accident took place than the rescuer came to the occasion. 

Like sea transport air transport also is affected by bad condition of weather, example when the storm, heavy wind or rain the transport is being postponed for another good day, as it happens in the airport example someday same planes cannot voyage towards Pemba or anywhere due to the bad weather takes place. The air transport is very cost fully this can only be afforded by the well-off people, the carrying capacity of planes, when compare with ships, is much less finally air transport is very danger since on air there is no traffic or a station during the emergency so the possibility of losing all people becomes very simple. 


To sum up, the transportation in Zanzibar are the basis methods or helping to improve the economic of Zanzibar, as we see the vast number of people have been employing themselves through the transport, a country can hardly improve her economic level if the means of transportation are not well prepared examples in Zanzibar despite being developing there are still some challenges occurring to the interior part of Zanzibar, example the villages like Ndijani and Charawe has not yet benefited through transport, they still use the stony roads to shift themselves or their goods , there are still difficulties of transport of either goods or patients who are rushed to  Mnazimmoja hospital. 


The government of Zanzibar is all eyes open minded, because the patriotic see our leaders speedily are on the verge of contracting the main and narrow roads which are more frequently used in economic activities as at the moment witnessed by the majority, the main roads of bububu and fuoni are reconstructed and expanded in order to simply the transport process, what we just believe this problem of transport and their roads after almost 5 years coming, will be  disappear and remain the former story to the new generation. 


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