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23 9月


Probably we can, especially those who do tourism business. 

So if you come Zanzibar for tourism, never worry about this.

English is an international language throughout the world and spoken by different people with different races in different nations.

Even so a great many people are very so strange in English language, people of other nations different from English or American.

So for the other nations people can speak the mentioned language with the sound like their native languages while sound is what matters in English speaking just different from other languages like Swahili or Italian language alike.


So such people forget in English what mostly matters is sound and not letters similar to some languages of other nations.


Most likely considering on the current and the new generation just how faster each one of them needs knowing how fluently speaking in English is very unexplainable, and also speaking English is an important thing because when studying at school or else college many subjects are taught in English in Zanzibar, so this helps the students to know what to realize the key point meant and to become very aware of what they learn after sometime and recognize themselves who they really are and what they can do.


But the most considerable matter is to understand the questions and to mentally know what is meant due to answering the examination papers because after all that is what finally matters for the students.


Also here in Zanzibar there is the great possibility to easily know how to speak in English as there are so many places and centers with many teachers who know to speak English and ambitiously to teach the people who have the future dreams of speaking English language.

Here are some English classes which I can possibly mention like luminous English class located at mpendae  street , precious language centre at miembeni and speaking English class located also at miembeni street very near to karia koo amusing park. These are the classes I personally know that they can help some people to easily have improvement and to nearly rise with the better English speaking.


As well as it is somewhat important to be able to speak English in Zanzibar because of the great question of tourism sector in Zanzibar as it is widely recognized that here in Zanzibar come tourists from different countries like Germany , Italy, china, England, America, Spain and so on. These people of various nations like from time to time come to Zanzibar.

So such people can speak to their native languages when there is necessary or when there are some people can reply back to the languages spoken. But if there is none of both so they will have to speak in English the second language in the world. According to the points mentioned above and ongoing points, so it is obviously important to know English language. Therefore still Zanzibar people have fortune of English like a business language to this country.


For some personally interesting I can explain to some people like high school students for the opportunity scholarship to some countries, of course they should speak in English to understand each other apart from using this language in Zanzibar so still that stands like a personal gift not only for the opportunity scholarship but also for the work opportunity in our own country like to apply the work to some hotels. Of course someone can be interviewed for English speaking or as well as for the some office employments like post office, airport or some companies  alike , there can be done the same thing to such an applicant.


From above sensible points spoken of in connection with the comprehensible views we have a great possibility to speak English for young and old, students and workers and we can up lift the generation to come if we can consider and take them into action. When the time the foreigners come and spend their time in here probably they and we will be very a proud of ourselves. People also experience something the time when they learn English, it is polite language and suitable if you want to improve that try to listen to the English media news or some speeches of English people there you can find yourself remain not speechless after some time and you will realize that English has the good favor and suitable sentences.


For a good deal of things I’m in this question mentioned we can possibly speak English in Zanzibar and also become with the best views ever.

And from the different reasons surrounding us we can willingly learn to speak and after all we can even make money thorough. When there is a will there is a way. Yes we can learn and finally be able to speak as the other could in an old days so can we in this moment in time and we can speak intelligible language as though the native people of this language naturally speak. Yes we can speak English in Zanzibar.

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