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24 9月


Zanzibar is united of two islands Unguja and Pemba. But Dar es salaam is the main city in Tanzania regions between.


They differ in technology, Dar es salaam has high technology compering Zanzibar.


Technology is very high in Dar es salaam but very less in Zanzibar and this is just because there is less educated people in Zanzibar but more educated in Dar es salaam, for example there is a great many high schools in Dar es salaam in connection with different colleges which all can lead the people to acquire more knowledge but a bit less there in Zanzibar.


Difference in development, it is openly seemed Dar es salaam growing bigger more faster than enough differently from Zanzibar, the city has the high quality in infrastructure developing like the quality of the city roads is indeed in well infrastructure compering Zanzibar, the quality of market is speedily on developing but mostly long away stapes behind in Zanzibar, many of the companies and industries throughout the Dar es salaam city which that question leads high amount of people to get employment but less in Zanzibar.


They differ in population of people, Dar es salaam has so high amount of the people throughout that many of them suffer from some of the things like transportation for example talking about the people who import the goods from the where out of Dar es salaam or to export them to somewhere far from Dar es salaam or the stuff people to the time when they are to their places which they used to work or to the business people or the small business people like entrepreneurs, these people face tough time when they rush to their business even if they are to during the day break, while talking about the population of the people in Zanzibar is very lower than Dar es Salaam and for the things mentioned above are so simply well timed done, actually people are not in any hurry to get to their places like the time to reach to their working places they always are in the right time or may be somewhat late in case someone decides themselves so they are always out of worry and they do not face some challenges like suffering from the road queue or concession of the people in the cars due to their trips so they happily and unworried to do their always activities.     


Difference in business, this is the system in trading to just have something smaller or bigger, just like few or many or to earn some money to buy different goods someone can afford and sell to the once who need such things. This system is throughout the world but also there is in Dar es salaam and Zanzibar between. The standard of business in Zanzibar is very low according to the lower population of people, and this is because there are always the same people that buy the goods even though there are some business people try to travel to some countries like china, Dubai, England alike to take some brand new things to Zanzibar, still there is tough time to do business in the right time, and it is very rare to some mainland people across the sea for the goods from Zanzibar.

While Dar Es Salaam has high amount of people everywhere the city and everyone needs something for the less and the more life goes on, there are so many shops in town and out of it and the big market in the very center of town, it is different from Zanzibar and there come different people from different regions like Arusha, Mwanza, and alike, for sake of buying different goods and also there come more people whom are from various countries like china, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia and so on, others for buying and other for doing business,          

They differ in economy, this is the situation of the country or the city to have many activities to deal with in order to earn money like business, industries, tourism and alike. So Zanzibar has small market of doing business like to import or to export something in and out of the country, as well as Zanzibar has few properties to earn money so that there can be a big market of business different from Dar Es Salaam.

There has been highly big market of doing business to the center of town also out of town, there have been many industries in private sector and in government sector  which lead the people to get employment, so this is the process of the that city growing bigger in economic sector and having lack of employment it depends much more on business economy compering Zanzibar, there in Zanzibar on tourism sector the country much depend and not to the market of business, so that leads there to have less economy than Dar es salaam.

By those have been spoken of right there Zanzibar and Dar es salaam between, they stand to be commonly main differences between Zanzibar and Dar es salaam.         


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