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25 9月


In Zanzibar music for someone is loved despite having the good moral, the music is loved by both young and older, also the music has the classes of the fans, flavor but everyone has their own music that they like, there are people who love modern taarab and other bongo examples there are zenji flava, bongo flava, old taarab, modern taarab singeli.

The most popular music in Zanzibar are zenj flavor, bongo flava, old taarab, modern taarab

zenji flava

This is the kind of music which is loved by the citizen of Zanzibar especially youths, this is loved because of its interesting poems of love, so many young have just fallen in love that is why they use it as the way of pleasing their heart. And sometimes youths use the beautiful line of the songs for keeping on status for the sake of improving their relationship and other send each other via message.  The artist of zenji flavor are quite many example the old one are like A t, broklylin seven, shakazulu, chabi six, to the side of women they are few in the music of zenji flava there is baby j and dorika who are so famous in Zanzibar. The women in zenji flava are few because most of them are forbidden to their parents due to the religious matter, as well as some of them related it with the rudeness so they stopped their children doing this business.

Bongo flava

This is same to the zenji flavor but this originated in mainland, this has been one among the lovely music in Zanzibar, passing four houses in the street without hearing bongo flava is most impossible ever, the music is listened and watched in either tv or radio everywhere like in the private and public cars, in motorbike and bicycle, hotels and restaurant. And others places, also there are some people became not only as troublesome but also as quarrelsome as ever since they like to switch on their speakers more loudly than ever, this causes huge disturbances to other people who are not interested with it. Now let’s know the are the artists of bongo flava who are popular like Diamond, alikiba, harmonize, abdu kiba, lady jd, ray c, recho, and to the side of hiphop artist like chidi benzi, fid q, mr blue, shelter and so on.

This is “Diamond Platnumz” the most popular singer in Tanzania.


Both zenji and bongo flava

It’s have been a part of employment to many youths, this has been witnessed during the night show, festival or wedding the artist are played a great deal of money which lead them to possess their own living. And some of them have been employing different people through the work of music like Nassib Abdul aka Diamond who has TV and radio of his own.


Also called tarabu or tarab, is Zanzibar’s most popular music. Taarab is popularly known as Swahili wedding music, since taarab musicians and music are an essential part of these multi-day festivities.

The East African coast has served as a center for trade with countries throughout the Middle East and Asia, and taarab music reflects many of the cultures which have passed through this region.

Taarab’s first modern superstar ascended in 1928 with the Swahili singer Siti bint Saad who appeared on hundreds of 78’s, many of them recorded in India.

Unlike the majority of taarab which was sung in Arabic, Saad sang in Swahili and presaged a change in the direction of the music.

After her death in 1950, taarab lyrics became prominently Swahili, and more female singers appeared with formerly all-male musical clubs ,This is music which is not disappearing in the ears of the people of the Zanzibar, this is the long time music where by the artist sung the music with the melodious voice which you can’t help yourself listing it, also it has the most impressive verses of praising or hating the beauty or badness of people or things, the good example can be seen through the songs of makame faki.

modern taarab

This  is new taarab which is sang by using the modern tools and this is differ from the old ones, the most famous of these music are khadija kopa, mzee yussuf and so on, the artist of this music stand on the platform entertaining their fans with the such motivating mood, the  fans always stand gifting the note to artist to true lovely of the verses and sound of music, this music has fortunate enough to be loved by an enormous amount of women of this islands, the entertainment halls like ngomekongwe, police mess, intebe and full moon party, all of this halls are populated with no place of keeping your leg even shaking yourself for scratching your back, the space remain less roomy during the performance.

Old and modern taarab

These are the music which are most by far popular in Zanzibar, different radios and TV have some segmentation of playing this music, and the new artist come to follow the footsteps of the old singers, this is done to keep the the taarab alive the fans. And in Zanzibar most in weekend in the hall of Haile Selassie people attend to watch and listen taarab asilia it with the big tranquility.


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