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27 9月


Dar Es Salaam is a one among the Tanzanian regions and it is also known as a main city in Tanzania in general, so it is part of Tanzania country.

As well as, it has separately various district like Kibaha, Kinondoni, Vingunguti, Poster, Karia Koo  etc. also it is the business city where there people from various places show up to do business as the people of regions of the country and out of the country.

But the main town in this city is Karia Koo where is regarded to be the town of trading, indeed there is where people of different kinds show up for the only main point of doing business.

The town becomes full of people from the day break to sunset, there can be seen everyone going to and fro side by side sellers and buyers just for all day, as well as the town has many streets in names separated, not only there to have been many shops in every corner of the town.

Also there is a big market in the center of it with somewhat many shops inside and the outside kept special for entrepreneurs where they sell things like fruits, spices for the home use and even lunch out there etc.


While poster is the soaring street very near to Karia Koo, the street is full up with the modern flats buildings in well condition planned also it is the street surrounded by ocean in some sides and there is where the sea port is, as well as this is where Said Salum Bakhresa built the sea boat port in space where is either the park for the boats or the place for embarking and disembarking for the passengers.

Also in it, it is where the ferry is and the pantones every time in and time out working for caring people from Poster to Kigamboni or to Poster from Kigamboni also around this place is where the state house of united republic of Tanzania is.

The house in which the president works and for his settlement, even so a bit out of the state house there is a small market around which some people like fishermen, devoted mothers and others do their small business and in a very there is a stop of Mwendo kasi.


Apart from many words spreading about the poster and the Karia Koo between, still there are a great many places with so many local streets that cannot be all mentioned in here where people as well as do their daily activities like selling fruits, food, spices, pure water and alike for earning their basic needs for all day and for the part of early night.


On the other hand of the road infrastructure, indeed Dar Es Salaam has attractions of the road made especially to the town areas the roads are full of controlled rules and the traffics spreading in every distance as well there are small police stations for the safeness of the city.

Also the roads are completely full of road traffic light and road lamps made, if that is not enough the government sector made the special roads for the special cars that has been very unique and attraction for the city known as Mwendo kasi.

But also for the side of transportation, the process of going from one place to another by using transports, there can be two or more kinds of transport, land transport which used on the dry land for the situation of living, also used by people taking something like cargo from one place to another that is too often used in Dar Es Salaam.

Likewise Sea transport which is commonly used in everyday life for the certain people that go by sea may be from one island to another or from one country to another, on the other hand this kind used for taking heavy cargo and mostly the container ships are almost used for the cargo importing and for the cargo exporting.

And then for the long seat taking and for the more brain was deeply used the scientist people went beyond impossible thinking and finally came up with possible ideas so they made the thing so called Air transport that is used for flying through the air, there is no road made for that transport in land but there is special places made for the use and named as airports.


In Dar Es Salaam there is one such ground used and also there is air Tanzanian fly which is rapidly used for the long voyage from Dar Es Salaam to other countries or regions or from there to Dar Es Salaam, in somewhat that is all beyond I could explain about Dar Es Salaam I know.


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