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27 9月


Many strangers get some ambiguity in staying and spending their holiday in Zanzibar for one week.

There are so many places that people go and make their day brighter and good memory in Zanzibar.

This country is not as small as many people say.There are many places you can go with your family and enjoy with them.

The following are the ways that you can stay in Zanzibar for one week.


In the first day I will tell you to visit in kizimkazi

This is one among the pristine village where by its people live with collaboration and preservation of their environment

Also this village try the best level to preserve their traditional culture like wearing kanga for women.

The most economic activities of this village is fishing by using dhow, and as well as the tourist activities, but this village is not spacious for farming there are few places and not massive ones.

Also this is one among the historical village which many events took place in this village like there a big cave of ‘Mwanawamwana’  it is said, this is a girl and her child who stuck and turned stone by being called within the cave during the fetching of water.

Also it said that, theonetime rule didn’t allow for someone to be called by his/her name in the cave, so if you are called and replay bad things can happen to you, their also old mosque which was built by stones and being used as the place for praying.

Apart from the historical events took place, many people visit there with view to seeing and playing with the dolphin, kizimkazi has been the peculiar place for dolphin, so when you get to the sea shore the captain and diver master guide the guest to dolphin then you are given the time to play with them this is the one and only opportunities that you can get in kizimkazi only.


In the second day,  I will convince you to visit the orphanage at mazizini

a fair bit of humans don’t have humanity as their forget about the disable and the orphan who live in difficult moment.

So we should not do the great things but we can do small things to them with great love, even we don’t have anything to contribute to them we have to think about their life style  which they live.

It ever such pathetic to live without mother and father, but we cannot judge because e we are human and this is God’s plan, perhaps you and I have lucky moment to live with both parents or live in a single parents family.

Here comes questions, what the life for the children who have not even see the faces of their parents smile?, Where are the lovely love of their parents, who do comfort them during their sadness?

So we have to think twice and spare our time for encouraging them and make them both as happy and as comfortable as we are. Finally when you have more than you need, build a longer table not higher fence and before becoming a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu or a Cristian let become a human first. So we shouldn’t forget to feel pity on the orphan who have the lonely life.


In the third day, visiting to kizimbani spice farm

This is one among lovely place where by visitors go to learn and know different spices and their origin, example gingers, clove, cinnamon, lime, star fruit, rembutan, and alike, all of this spices also can be used as medicine to cure a certain problem.

For example the leaves of lemon can be dried and burnt than its smoke kill the mosquitoes, also the ginger also can cure sick. So spending your day at kizimbani can be like attending an oxford class learning how to be successful in your life.





In the fourth day, visiting to Jozani

This the biggest forest in unguja and in the only national park in Zanzibar you ever have to visit to see monkeys ,mangrove and medicine jungle, people of all most countries come to unguja to see this big forest with the rare red colobus monkeys,




as well as you can expect to see bush baby, beautiful butterflies with different interesting colors and birds with their lovey songs, the monkeys have been the attraction to  visitors this is because of all countries only in Zanzibar you can see them also Jozani is a natural pharmacy, an amazing source of natural remedies as the physician come to take some leaves and roots for the convenience of curing different disease, at the moment the forest is dominated by the government of Zanzibar.


In the fifth day, Visiting to prison island

This is an old quarantine station, giant tortoises and snorkeling place, you have to trip by boat from the shore  of the stone town to island almost will take you thirty minutes to reach on the beautiful beach of prison island.

The prison island which is now owned by a hotel was built in 1893 and was originally intended to house violent prisoners from the mainland and sick people, and if you visit you will get the opportunity of seeing the giants tortoise who was imported from Seychelles in the late  of 19th centuries, they are said to be over 150 years old, also there will be a chance to touch, feed and take the photos with tortoise.



Why should not you visit this place? To see the strange and beauty of the island, it is about time you rushed going there in order to create ever rising happiness and memory.  


In the sixth day, Visiting to Nungwi,  this is the one among the lovely village in Zanzibar where beautiful beach surrounded with different hotels, nungwi is the one among the village whose beach is both massive and attractive, many tourist like to go there for spending their day at the seashore, also there is a short trip of going to see the sunset this is an amazing amusing to the strangers, some of the tourist like snorkeling there are different hotels, lodge and restaurant which can fairly provide this service to the guest. Also this is the village which has a big and long tower of guiding boats on the sea, also people go to play with tortoise picture with them and even feeding them. Briefly this is the village that has different attractions.





In the last day, visiting in the stone town.

This is the large town in Zanzibar which has different historical houses like museum, house of wonder, hamamni bath, mkunazini church and the old fort, all of these houses built with stones by Arab traders and slavers, also this town known as ‘mjimkongwe’

Because is the old part of Zanzibar, the heart of the town mostly of a maze of narrow alley lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques.

Since streets are too narrow for cars, the town is crowded with bicycles and motorbike.

This town was built by Arabian domination where by Sultan Said bin Sultan made Zanzibar as the part of his station for doing his business of slave trade, mkunazini church was used as market for selling slaves, these slaves were obtained in interior part of Africa.


According the places mentioned, I am sure that, you can now just stay in Zanzibar for one week visiting on those places mentioned above you can learn different things which create unforgettable story for the amusing and impressive things and location that Zanzibar has.   


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