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27 9月


Local marketing is any marketing strategy that target customs by finely grained location such as a city or neighborhood.

It is used by small local business to conserve resources and develop unique advantages by reaching the customers close to them.

The Zanzibar has three main local markets in the town area, the first and big one market is Mwanakwerekwe, also Darajani which is located in stone  town area and the last is Shimoni which located at k/samaki.


These markets used by the people of all corner of Zanzibar come with their goods and sell in these market.

In the these local markets there are so many goods are sold like, meat, rice, fruits, closes, fishes, vegetables, species, cereal foods and others, these can be sold in the whole sale or retail.

And all of these three markets make auction of goods every day, example in Darajani market in there are auction of the meats in morning and even the auction of clothes and utensils.  

Municipal councils is not at backward at all in terms of preserving the environments and keep everything under good control, example they are the one who just provide better education on how to use the market.

These workers work more tirelessly in the every evening and morning by cleaning the market, also they are the one who take the waste to the dump, this work is done every day as one among the duties of their, municipal workers are the people who are to make sure that the town is clean and smell good, that is why they have been passing in the local schools provide the education on the environmental cleanness. 

Used markets, these also are the market which are in the local places example at Darajani and Mwanakwerekwe are the places which sell the second handed things like phones, clothes, laptops, books, TV, radio and others things, the many customer of these things are the local people who are close to the market, also            



The benefit of the local market in Zanzibar

It simplifies the services to the customers, most of the local markets of Zanzibar has just been surrounded by the living of people so, customers don’t go far away to buy things they want, and even to the customers take transportation don’t pay much money in the town area the standard payment of public transportation ( daladala) is four hundred shillings only,  this fare is affordable to almost all poverty stricken.

Increasing of stiff competition among the businessmen. Many business man who sell their goods in the local market have been competition among themselves for provision of better services to the customers, example in Zanzibar their there are different kinds of rice like bulbul, basmati, jasmine and others…

All of these have different qualities and price, so the customers are differ from choosing the kind of rice which they want due to the price and promotion of businessmen.

Existence of the stable security, in the local market there are stable security who just protect people and their wealth, these security are in to kinds those who wear uniform and who don’t wear it. There are so many social policemen who are difficult to be known, these policeman are in the local market to catch the violent customers or businessmen, or whoever try to break the low of the country. This verify that Zanzibar is the better and safe places for everything.

Local markets used for city tour, it has been witness that many guests like to be in the local markets for seeing the kinds of good which are located in the market, this much is seen in Darajani market where by many tourist like to be there for buying goods like fruits and vegetable, this contributes to have the foreign money and improve the economics of the country. 



Challenging’s of the local market in Zanzibar

High tax of the government, most of the people who work in the local market have much blames and complain especially for the petty traders whose capital is not big,  

Poor infrastructure from rural area, the people from the rural area face the challenging of shifting their goods from one place to another due to the poor infrastructure.

For example some businessmen what to rush sending their their good the local market, can be to the right place on time this due the poor roads that delays transport to reach on time. 

These local market is over populated by the local people, all of these markets are seemed to be not enough due to the huge population take place which lead a congregations of goods, vehicle and people in these market, a good example is seen during the harvest many formers come with their crops so the population is becoming uncontrollable to the municipal workers.



The remedies should be taken to improve the local market

The education of preserving the environment. Most of the workers (businessmen) have the education of doing their business only since they focus on earning rather cleaning and keep the environment pristine, hence the seminal studies should be conducted on how to preserve their surrounding environment in order to protect the eruption of disease.

Also Spreading of the working tools like rake, dustbin and brooms with hush punishment for anyone who go against with it.

Government should reduce the tax to the entrepreneur, despite the fact that, the country must get improved through the collection of tax, government should reduce even a little in order to provide opportunities for the petty trades who want to be to the peak of business. This can help and reduce the problem of unemployment in Zanzibar.


To improve and reconstruct the market, as long the population is increasing in day to day life, government should regard much on these places by expanding them in order to have the spacious places, and this also will reduce the congregation of people, goods and vehicle.  


To sum up, the local market of Zanzibar has been a very source of earning to the local people who notably don’t have employment, and these people have been contributing much on improvement of the economics of the country hence the businessmen should be so careful in the preserving the environment and paying tax without dodging it, doing so will  bring much success to the individual and government at large.


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