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3 10月


Tour is a journey made for pleasure during which several different towns, countries etc., are visited.

So stone town is the old part of Zanzibar which contains many old stone houses with different museum historical sites.


Therefore there are many historical sites like the cathedral church where the slave market of stone town was the main top to be kept, where there you can learn about the important rules the slavery played in Zanzibar, also knowing about the people very concerned who traveled to some places as far as Congo etc.

where they purchased or kidnapped the very healthy young people and almost they were put in dhows and transported to Zanzibar sell.


They then after the market reaching they were crowded into the underground cells known as slave chamber which these two underground rooms were used to keep slaves before being taken to the market for auctioning, indeed the slaves were kept in terrible condition, so many died of suffocation and starvation.


Also there is Hamamni Persian bath which is also located in historical building of stone town, the name of Hamamni which is also used to refer to the neighborhood where that building is located and these baths were built by Sultan Barghash bin said for the use as public baths.


As well as there is an old fort which is the oldest building and major visitor attraction in stone town, it is said that the old fort was built by Arabs after expelling the Portuguese.

It was also used as a prison, the old fort is one of the prominent visitor attraction in stone town and its courtyard has been now adapted as to serve as a cultural Centre with curio shops selling tourism things. It has also an open air and open space where live dance and music shows are held most evening.


Not only the site of church, Persian baths and old fort but also the Forodhani garden where this place found on the coast of the Indian ocean, this small park sits right across the street from some of the stone town’s most famous buildings, the Arab fort, the House of wonders and the place museum.


Also this site today used as the great place for Swahili people to spend their time especially during the weekend as well as the guests of different nations who come in Zanzibar so they almost like to show up around this place mostly in evening, there are so many things sold like pizza, fruit, sugar cane juice and more alike.


In addition to what have been spoken above, still in there stands the place museum in which the sultan’s family lived, where it is believed that the palace was built in the late 19th century to serve as a residence of the sultan’s family. But then after the Zanzibar revolution in 1964 it was formally renamed to people’s palace and used as a government seat, but for the very then a museum about the Zanzibar royal family and history.

Which there is one floor of the museum dedicated to sultan Khalifa bin Harub and another one to Sayyida Selme that best known as Emily, the former Zanzibar princess who fled from the sultanate to relocate in Europe with her husband.

Also there again can be seemed the exhibits include some of her writings, clothes and the daily life accessories.

And what is the most important is, the several of the furniture items and another belongings to the Sultan’s family are in exhibition to give visitors an idea of how was the life in Zanzibar during the century always spoken of.

Almost the tour does not finish there but after the giving of the certain place histories of how Zanzibar was or how people lived or how things went on or the whys about those which there were, the guests would much like to pass through cultural Zanzibar shops in stone town even to buy something they are interested with, and sometimes to get in some restaurants like lukmaan and alike, all the more so because of getting lunch.


And within the very final of the tour many of them show up at the head of Africa house hotel to see the sunset and mostly the tour ends there in the very evening.


In our  hostel “Ten To Ten” It depend on the season but we held a  free city tour once in a week.


When you stay, ask to the receptionist about information.


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