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8 10月


Zanzibar is the country united of two islands Unguja and Pemba between while Dar es Salaam is a city one of the regions of Tanganyika.

Indeed there might be a lot of differences between these two sites like;



Difference in market

This is the business or trade, or the amount of trade in particular type of goods

In Dar Es Salaam the market of business wealthily appears to become largely wide for increasing of shops in connection with gas stations building and continuously importing different types of goods and more gas which is why the market becomes very largely wide.

While in Zanzibar the movement of trade market is awkwardly in very low situation by comparison with Dar Es Salaam.

There is everything less in movement of business, business people run to the best they can so that they can reach the city, it is in slow move though. 



Difference in transportation

the system of buses, trains etc. provided for people to travel from one place to another, Zanzibar has easier transports inside of itself just like going to the route from the route.

It is done likely and easily in the right time as it is planned by someone themselves, but hardly as the same as compering this is done in Dar Es Salaam where there is always toughness of spending much time in the transports for the going of rout to the route approximately around whole city inside.            



Difference in development

The gradual growth of something so that it becomes more advanced, stronger etc.

The development of industries which lead to produce various types of goods and also which lead more people to get employment, where in Zanzibar are two or three maintained industries in which less people get employment also by the side of economy

There in Dar Es Salaam on the great factor they depend is business in the city and out of the city which lead them to get faster development , where in Zanzibar depends on tourism sector only to get development, so there is less but there is more.                 



Difference in infrastructure

The basic systems and services that are necessary for country or an organization to run smoothly, for example buildings, transport and water and water supplies.

The infrastructure of Zanzibar is somewhat unsatisfactory and it is for somehow in bad condition in comparison with Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar has apparently bad road infrastructure and roughly used

While in there are modern roads infrastructure well attractively seemed and they are in strong condition and mostly well used, if that is not enough there built the unique in between the left and right road as an attraction of the city which is more than enough.                              



Difference in population

It is about all the people who live in a particular area, city or country just the total number of people who live there.

Zanzibar has lower population of people it is connected of two different islands though, still the population is very lower.

While Dar Es Salaam has the higher population of people it is the city though, and also it has big space compering Zanzibar, the city is spreading with so many streets given names throughout, and each one of those the people spreading everywhere. While Zanzibar has fewer streets only in town area and some nearby.

Almost the areas very out of town there are some separately places where people live but these are mostly known as villages and fewer people live.



Difference in culture

This is the way of life. The customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group like European/ Islamic/ African/ American, etc. culture.

Zanzibar is for somehow different in culture even though there live different kinds of people in mixing like Somalia, Kenyan, even Zanzibar people etc. in Dar Es Salaam, and the comparison is standing as not the same still.

Most likely in Zanzibar is 90% Islamic culture where women wear black gowns and cover their heads by scarfs which is different from Dar Es Salaam where 45% or more Christians is, and mostly for the women is rare to wear black gowns and to have their heads covered by scarfs.


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