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18 10月

Marriage life in Zanzibar

Marriage is the formal contract of a man and a woman. Typically, when the marriage is accepted by law, they become husband and wife.


Wedding preparation in Zanzibar

Most cases of marriage life in Zanzibar can be prepared during their courtship. They are taught how to handle their marriage life in Zanzibar either the wife treat husband or the husband do her. However, the huge problem will come when they are taking those lessons of actions out of marriage life.
The man should engage the woman for sending his parents to the woman’s family before the wedding. If they can get an agreement, they will gift the dory in Zanzibar. This might be whatever the woman needs, it can be some amount of money, and a necklace. Then they prepare for the wedding ceremony. Finally, they can hold the wedding ceremony. There are some parties on different days for celebrating their life as husband and wife. This is Zanzibar style preparation of the wedding.

The marriage life in Zanzibar

A certain situation happens after marriage in Zanzibar although both women and man learn the law of marriage stand. At this moment most of the couples are faced on a lot of problems in marriage life, albeit it is not about all of them. Sometimes we marry the right people by knowing one or both of parents give the blessing for the brides, but some conflicts can happen accidentally between parents and the brides.
Precisely, this problem of conflicts happens to start from an unreasonable situation or the insensible reasons for the woman. Also, there might be some rumors from some jealous people. It can periodically happen by hearing people saying your parents bewitch. It can be told another thing next day. “hey, at last night in my sleep I saw your mom stubbing me with a knife” or “I saw myself farming beside her house and I woke very brokenly tired and very sweating”. This situation lasts continuously and stands extremely strong with different types of wrong because witching stories about her parents are the only reason that she heard before hearing the rumors.
The bride could hear an Zanzibarian marriage repeated song ‘divorce me, divorce me, divorce me, divorce me’ for her maintaining fake dreams. The tough man or some elder and wise people can purposely find their parents after this song. The elderly people frankly explain how to focus on the situation in Zanzibar. The parents often call the woman after the conversation. Some can easily understand and get back to their husband to clear her mistakes. But some can keep on singing intolerantly.
Tolerance can solve matters sometimes. But for some other men cannot be tolerant toward such situation except that they can only think about how obedient to their parents. As a result, the divorce takes place suddenly because of the action without consideration. But this is often considered as the weakness of the mind. So, we should find the solution to the problem before making the decision as long as living wise and elderly people

Advantage of marriage life in Zanzibar.

We can obtain several advantages of marriage life in Zanzibar.
First, both wife and husband will be happy having the firstborn from the beginning of the pregnancy till the delivery, even though it is a rare situation happening for the woman. While the period the pregnancy raising, this can be easily solved by the husband how to get along with the pregnant woman before they start the marriage life in Zanzibar.
Second, you can get tranquillity of the mind in the marriage situation in Zanzibar. Especially, when you come back from work, the only person to let you relax is the wife or husband. And when you come back from any tough, rough or tiring situation or whichever. Not only that kind of situation also just as well during the holy month of Ramadhan. There is a situation of eating wherever the sunset was out of the home the marriage life can be. The only reason advocating themselves that they are at work or very late to be at home in time. But once after this is done there cannot be some insensible reason that you ate at an unknown place. Then you ought to respect the wife or husband and getting home at the exact time.

Marriage is marriage whichever long or short. No one can be the queen or king in marriage life. No one is perfect no matter how hard and boring the situation. No matter what conflict or complicated the family can be there. However, marriage will ever remain reticence for people.

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