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19 10月


There is a part of the two sides of different lands. it is a part of Tanzania country which this was united of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Then there have been Tanzania permanently given name after the union.

Tanganyika and Zanzibar

I am going to talking about the very beginning of the United Republic of Tanzania which was formed on 26 April 1964 as a result of the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Julius Kambarage Nyerere became the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania. Sheikh Abeid Karume became the First Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council. The Second Vice President of Tanzania and leader of Government business in the National Assembly Rashidi was Mfaume Kawawa.
Like other African countries, the people of Tanganyika opposed and fought against colonial invaders from the very beginning. This included the formation of African Associations both Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The African Association was established in Tanganyika in 1929. This association was transformed into the Tanganyika African Association (TAA) in 1948.
But we should not talk about past days stories more than how today Tanganyika looks like. How stands Tanganyika after the union has become like today.
The land of Tanganyika had succeeded extremely. Tanganyika acquired development throughout the regions of land. It is rapidly developing even now. There have been different sources at any kind of industry such as producing of products, Serengeti wildlife and Kilimanjaro Mountain for tourism etc.



industry of Tanganyika

 Tanganyika has become widely known for the economic sector particularly in shopping move. There has been everywhere the sources on which people of Tanganyika depend like the private and candidate sectors. Lands side builds more shops which the locals and other people invest in the business. So, the people in the land becomes concentrated in buying and selling, importing and exporting different goods. Some goods are produced in the land of Tanganyika as there has been industries product.
There are also some Chinese and English. They came from their countries to invest in Tanganyika land, through these investors many people of Tanganyika get employment. The most extreme thing is this investment leads to the rapid development of today’s Tanzania.

Moreover, there were free mines of minerals such as tanzanite and diamonds which lead the economic sector to grow up bigger in Tanganyika. Also, there has been wideness of tourism areas. For example, Serengeti for the wildlife park and Kilimanjaro mountain. Many tourists visit Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. The government could profit from getting foreign money and this is one of the government sectors that depend on.

As well as in terms of infrastructure, indeed there have been now with very good looking attractions. They have had the modern flat buildings in some cities like Dodoma and Dar Es salaam where these cities have become the business running in daily activities after the unite for locals and people out of the land. These have become like the fruits which they should be very proud of. Also, there have been big modern markets running businesses for traders and it is done like daily running activities in life. Moreover, there have been made good road infrastructure and modern transports for making the people move easily in the city like Dar Es Salaam.


current politics of Tanzania  

Then let’s talk about current politics. Tanganyika people have gotten the stronger and brave president who touches the hearts of the people in Tanganyika. He has become widely recognized in the south and east Africa even around the world for the short term. DK John Pombe Magufuli whose great known job is to go beyond impossible and finally come up with possible ideas that make the people more interesting. Finally, he beloved by his people
DK John Pombe Magufuli has made the people of Tanganyika very aware different from past presidents. He is not afraid of saying everything publicly about inner and secret information. He excluded the wrong people in government sectors and picked the right people in the position.
He deserves the special mention for what he is and wholeheartedly doing the right actions for his people. He is the sparkling star for Tanganyika people. He is on the stronger leader who has brought a remarkable success in Tanganyika. He is one of the unforgettable leaders of Tanganyika even now.


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