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23 10月

What you can do in Paje

Paje Beach


     Paje is a village of Unguja island part of Zanzibar country. It is located on the southeast coast between the village of Bwejuu and Jambiani. It is the village which has a lovely beach when it is low tide and beautiful white sand even around some local houses. Also, it is one of the most growing villages in terms of tourism investment in Unguja Island. The villages have succeeded. The villagers have the answerable dreams with many activities, especially in tourism periodically ongoing activities.

      Some of the villagers get employment such as tourist guide, receptionist, and cleaner through these tourism activities. as the village is surrounded with many hotels, as well as some of the townies leave their settlements for some period in a season of the year to such village for concentrating on short time business of Paje village. In Unguja island it is said this to be the second village for spreading tourism activities.

     Personally in that village, you can open a restaurant selling the local food like bananas, mangos, rice, other and alike. That is in consideration to have become the extremely rare, energetic and unique food for tourists, as well as they are among the foods the nutrition of which has more energy in human bodies. Passing through this advantage and by tourists knowing that they become interesting with using such local foods.

      Apart from that still there stand many activities of doing in Paje village. There is a possibility of also opening Supermarket for the soft cold drinks, some dry biting, or even alcoholic drinks etc. for tourists together with natives. The beginning is too hard but by doing that and tolerating whatever the situation which can face you still you can able to maintain with that business and in the meanwhile you can get more incomes when the time you are ready to face the music. 

However, according to how interestingly beautiful that place is.  

     Seemingly so lovely, friendly, naturally beautiful and clear beach with an interesting environment all around this village, you can even find an affordable place extremely nearby to the beach building hotel or viler for the rent in your hopping days to come.     

     Or there you can be even the Taxi driver for the rent in private, carrying the guests to the places they would like to go such as the Stone Town, spice farms, Kendwa beach and alike. For the tours and for that can lead you also to get money incomes also to know so many tourism places that the tourists are supposed to visit during sometimes they are in the move to Unguja island. 

     If that is not enough after touching one or more of which has been in mentioned there is great affordability of establishing the system of the kite which this has become as the thirsty of the dreamers during all the times of Paje visiting. That is which makes most of them with full of excitement and which the guests dream about in their many time tourist circuit



Kiteboarding Which you can mostly do that in holydays. Paje is the best spot on the island with the steady trade wind combined with clear and shallow water that makes the learning of kitesurfing very easily.       

The spot with shallow water for a large part of the day which allows learning how to kiteboarding very quickly, in few lessons the guests will be able to enjoy the feeling that Marely kitesurf can give them within that enjoyable moment in Paje beach.


They call it paradise blue water which makes Paje and Zanzibar an unforgettable kite spot also for advanced kitesurfer and the reef with amazing waves makes this spot one of the best and more varieties in the world throughout.


The kite centre is on the main spot of Zanzibar. The beautiful beach, the amazingly warm water, nice and steady wind, fun and relax are the best ingredients for the perfect kite holiday.


For the a touched from the top of this topic typically you can get ideas about what to in Paje and how successful you can become, trust there is no try if you do you do with what is your belonging. 


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