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26 10月

Spice tour in Zanzibar


     The Spice Tour is one of the most popular excursions in Stone Town. It is a unique opportunity to breathe in Zanzibar’s scents and spices on a 4 – 6-hour walking excursion to see some of the world’s most exotic spices. Back in the day, the Arabs started large spice plantations, which made Zanzibar the world’s biggest exporter of cloves at the time and obtain the nickname, the spice island. Today, Zanzibar is still renowned for its clove, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, chilli, and black pepper.

     If you travel to Zanzibar, you should take a spice tour. And you should look forward to the spice tour! You will learn where the spices come from that you use so naturally when preparing your everyday meal at home.

     There are many tour operators in Zanzibar and it’s easy to find a guide who will introduce you to the aromatic world of spices for 15 USD. The reception in your hotel is a good place to start when looking for an operator.

     Walking along small paths, seemingly plain plants turned out to be lemongrass, vanilla, cardamom, and so on. Your guide can explain how the plant grows and what we use spice for. You get the chance to not only smell but also taste a small sample of the plant. You can keep the samples for later and carry them in a small bowl made of palm leaves. You also can try fruits directly from the tree, which you buy usually at supermarkets. Star fruits not only have a great name, but they also taste great!

     Many tourists can get great experience by seeing, touching and smelling the natural spices in the spice tour, also there are some soups, oil, perfume which are made by the spices, this easily can be bought from the local people who have their local markets for the local people and guests. Most of the tourists like testing the local business of the local people, this makes them understand the deep distinct of artificial and natural foods and oil.

     The very interesting things to see during the visiting of the guests, when the local markets are populated with the foreigners buying and testing the spices, and some of them take some spices as a present to their kins. This creates a big surprise to them. Those who test the goods will be eager for coming to the spice tour to witness themselves of what they have been being narrated by their fellows. The good and clear examples can be seen to the people of Kizimbani spice notably women who involve themselves into being petty traders. These women have been depending on themselves for some time long owing to selling the local business. If that is not enough, these women also have been surprising the world by playing the man’s duties by feeding their families and teaching their children either in government or private school. This condition makes their life better and better like never before.

     Also, Zanzibar has been said to be of the top spice island. This took place because of the domination of the Arab who came from their countries with the different sorts of seeds and start the plantation on the island of Zanzibar. The seeds have been being scattered in different corners of the island of Unguja and Pemba which is why Zanzibar is called the clove’s islands. The smell of the cloves can be founded when you travel from Unguja to Pemba there must be a natural smell of the cloves, that smell seemingly symbolizes you are very nearby to Pemba.


     The Spice Tour is a unique opportunity to see and buy these spices. Their two types of spice farms, there are government farms and private farms both of them provide the same services to the clients, but this situation leads stiff race among the individuals and government on advertising and promoting the farms, on the contrary, the owners have been providing out the opportunities to the local students to freely visit on the farms in order to see their both natural and national belongs, this studding tour also helps students to go parallel with studies which are relatedly connected with natural things like geography, also, the tour like this sharpens their thinking capacity by being a lot more knowledgeable of the spices.

     The spices sometimes used as the ways of treating the disease like we show below the best four (4)spices and how they are used for curing disease.


Ginger Can Treat Nausea and Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties. 

      Ginger is a popular spice used in several forms of alternative medicine. Studies have consistently shown that 1 gram or more of ginger can successfully heal nausea. This includes nausea caused by morning sickness, chemotherapy and seasickness, Ginger also appears to have strong anti-inflammatory qualities and can aid with pain management.


Garlic Can Combat Sickness and Improve Heart Health. 

     Throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its medicinal properties. We now know that most of these health effects are due to a compound called allicin, which is also responsible for garlic’s distinct smell. Garlic supplementation is well known for combatting sickness, including the common cold, if you often get colds, and then adding more garlic to your diet could be incredibly helpful.

Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Has a Powerful Anti-Diabetic Effect. 

     Cinnamon is a popular spice, found in all sorts of recipes and baked goods. It contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which is responsible for cinnamon’s medicinal properties. Cinnamon has potent antioxidant activity, helps fight inflammation and has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.  Cinnamon can lower blood sugar by several mechanisms, including by slowing the breakdown of carbs in the digestive tract and improving insulin sensitivity.


Turmeric Contains Curcumin, a Substance With Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effects.

     Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow colour. It contains several compounds with medicinal properties, the most important of which is curcumin. Curcumin is a remarkably powerful antioxidant, helping to fight oxidative damage and boosting the body’s antioxidant enzymes, this is important because oxidative damage is believed to be one of the key mechanisms behind ageing and many diseases. Curcumin is also strongly anti-inflammatory, to the point where it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs.

      You will get to the spice farms (shamba) deep in the countryside, where you will see how the spices, herbs, and fruits are cultivated and processed. You get to meet the farmers and learn about African farming methods and even perform some techniques yourself. The tour guide describes how best to use these crops while you can go all out, smelling and tasting spices, herbs and tropical fruits like coconuts, papaya, cassava and oranges. Many of the lands were created specifically for showing crops/spices to tourists.




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