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28 10月

Full moon party in Zanzibar!!

Kendwa Rocks are one hour drive from Zanzibar Town towards the northern tip of the island. The road descends to one of the most fantastic beaches in East Africa. Sunbathing may be enough, but you can also do snorkelling, diving or fishing and enjoy small boat trips on the turquoise waters. Beautiful sunsets are an everyday thrill and moonlighted nights on the white coral and seashell beach make an unforgettable experience.


You’ve all heard of the infamous Full Moon Parties in Thailand. But did you know Zanzibar has its own Full Moon Party? The full moon party of Zanzibar has been a good connection of uniting together different people of the different nations, this keeps them inseparably together to enjoy Full Moon party, all people regardless their personal status, races, tribe, colour and religion in particular unite together in the dancing floor either being dancers or spectators of the existing music which penetrate direct to the ears and lastly conquer your feelings and minds than you gradually drug yourself like legless with the full of alcohol drinking towards the dancing floor, It’s usually held on the holidays after the full moon. The best thing about it is that you might be taken unaware to play together with dancers or the famous artist, this is the very chance that a lot fewer people get to be on the platform.

If eating great food, dancing all night on the beach, chatting to the local Masaai and catching some cool performer’s sounds like your cup of tea then read on!


Where to stay

It does not sound very strange to direct the non-nearby natives and guests to come together in the one and the only party which held in every Sunday in Kendwa rocks, ten to one all guests can keep themselves from the nearby bungalows in Kendwa Rocks hotel, where the Full Moon Party is held. They can stay there for the night of the full moon and the nights before and after. This is a nice luxury. The rooms are cool and even had a fridge for those pre-party drinks (or much-needed water the next morning!)

Kendwa is only 10 minutes from slightly cheaper Nungwi so staying there is also an option since there are several hotels and bungalows which are by far the most beautiful ever. Taxis from Nungwi are around 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings (around €5) for locals so don’t pay much more than this. 


What to do before the party:

Before the party starts there must be prepared for going to Full Moon party, this preparation will make you feel far more comfortable and keep you away from the unnecessary fatigue. These two things are proposed to be done before going to the party. The first is getting your meal as normal since the night is long has many events of being witnessed or done. The second things you must get some sleep even for a half-hour, or failing that, you should take even snapping to refresh your mind.

 While staying in Kendwa Rocks a there are great opportunities for eating seafood, meat and vegetables. If you’re staying outside of Kendwa there’s probably no need to be there this early. My advice is spending the day relaxing on the beach. Full Moon party goes late!


When the party is beginning:

Full Moon Party can start with any sort of songs, some days are welcomed the famous artist either from here Zanzibar or out of here, as it has openly been witnessed the artist like AY and HARMONIZE have been there to entertain people in the party. To the lovely performance of Full Moon party, people remain surprisingly shocked and being left open-mouthed not understanding what to judge for the sensational performance. And also there traditional African dancing. Once a crowd starts to form the circle or any imaginary style of dancing when they come across with the professional dancer’s crew from Stone Town. They are seriously impressive and more than happy to keep the crowd dancing even after their performance. At one point the dance floor looked like one huge flash mob!

After the dance show, there is usually the main performer who going to end the show. Some days people are treated to a reggae performer from Jamaica and local Tanzanian artists. Once the DJ starts everyone dances inside and on the beach. It’s very easy to spend the night wandering the beach, chatting to friends you’ve made (even if you’re only there a few days you are guaranteed to make 100 new friends!)

Before you know it your friends will be saying it’s time to go home, you’ll look around at an empty beach, realise it’s 7 am and wish you could start the night all over again!


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