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29 10月

Wedding ceremony in Zanzibar

     As it well understood, the wedding ceremony is held when two people man and woman who are bound to be together romantically locking themselves into the marriage, which is lawfully and legally accepted, simply to put, two souls become one and two lives became one jointly. In the world, there are wedding celebrations of all sorts; some might be the best of their kinds because of the beauty of its looks, nature, people and even its natural environments. 

     In the long run life experience, Zanzibar people have been witnessing the vary wedding ceremonies of some sorts, some take days, other weeks and even months, particularly those marriages that they are under the watch of the well off people who serious celebrating their wedding the way they prefer according to their means.

     In the world, it highly understood that religious marriages, civil marriages and cultural marriages are the most well-known marriages which preferably take place every corner of the earth. The same goes to Zanzibar, much as Zanzibar people have experienced those aforementioned marriages, but the most eyed catching one is religious marriage, because of its people who are very devoted to religious and traditional teachings, turns out to Islamic religious weddings are the most front runners or the most dominated one in the wake of having an outnumbered of Muslims. 


Muslim weddings, before getting married, the soon expected married couples’ families have typically got the right to inform their close relatives, their distant relatives, close and distant neighbours and friends as well, about the wedding soon expected to come. This sound as invitations to the wedding, regarding the date of which the wedding expected to be held, at what place and at what time should the marriage be taking place.

     During wedding days, in the morning, there is always preparation of having breakfast, prepared particularly on behalf of the soon invited guests to arrive that including the relatives, neighbors and friends, so as to create a positive day at the early stage of the wedding day and in so doing looks like the tendency of the Zanzibaris.

     As time goes on from morning to afternoon, might their people coming from different parts to come together as one people, as one family to help one another, celebrating, do this and that to make sure everything goes as planned not to go sideways. Of cause, some people might take this opportunity to tease each other, loving and missing each other, some might find their long lost relatives and friends whom they have longed for, maybe for very long time not be able to meet, but this wedding ceremony plays the great part to bring people together as one big family.

     During the lunchtime, all people come together in one place so as to get the lunch, men and woman, as well as the children, are also part of it, but traditionally, men siding themselves away from women and the same goes to children where boys and girls are separated away each other and in so doing its part of what has always known as legacy inherited from our long lost ancestors.

     In the evening, looks most marriages are held in the evening, though other might be held different times depending on the setting times, during this time of evening, people had already prepared themselves and the same goes to the very beautified and cosmetic bride who sometimes anxiously, curiously and happily waiting for the soon expected husband to be to arrive.

     Of course when the bridegroom arrives, the marriage is held at the exact place, at times at bride’s home or elsewhere but most of the Islamic marriage in Zanzibar is held in the mosque, both responsible parts are there, who are bridegroom himself, which and the consent of the custodian (wali) of the bride. The wali of the bride is normally a male relative of the bride, preferably her father.

     Then Sheikh marries them off under the watch of Islamic laws and regulations with the presence of marriage certificate in front of eyewitnesses. 

Islamic wedding

     Then after the bridegroom signing the marriage certificate, there is need to get the consent from the bride herself then again the signing the certificate, there is where this couple has become legally, religiously and lawfully married as husband and wife, there is where the bridegroom is free to take his wife to their destination. You might see two families become one by marriage, expressing their endless happiness beyond one can tell, celebrating, signing happily and loudly, playing music while walking the bride and bridegroom out to their residence to be.

    On the side of the coin, the same goes to the Christian wedding, there are a great number of similarities when it comes to wedding ceremonies, tinier contrary to that of what has seen in Islam. Things are the same talking about gathering, invitation to close and distant relatives, friends and neighbours are most preferable. The noticed discrepancy between Christians wedding ceremony is that much of the Christians marriage is held at the church the building where Christians go to worship, where is where the ceremony takes place at large, as is understood that Christian marriages are very churchy. 


Marriage in church


All the guests, friends and families from men to women, children, young or old, poor or rich, able, disabled will be able to stand as the eyewitnesses in front of the couple who are in no time expected to be husband and wife by marriage. Of course the consent of both groom and bridegroom enables the priest to have them married off, in so doing the priest performs his responsibility in accordance with Christian teachings by merry them off and bounding the couple together as one soul, one body and one family so that in the not so distance future this couple will be able to take the family on.

Finally, after the ceremony completion at the church, most of the families would like to take time together with the married couples for celebration, pointing a place of which they will be able to enjoy, celebrating, singing, talking and accompanying themselves with music and drinks particularly at the beach area the likes of Kiwengwa, Fumba and Nungwi beaches, in so doing turns out to be the very happier day for two families that joint together by marriage.

Simply to put, without a second thought, if you think of getting married in a little different tradition, then Zanzibar is a perfect and romantic destination. Getting married in Zanzibar is beautiful yet very simple and with lots of symbolic ceremonies. By incorporating Zanzibar tradition and culture your wedding can be made extra special and spectacular ones.


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