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30 10月

Zanzibar dolphin tour

This is the main attraction of the Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar being able to swim close to the dolphins. Being very social themselves you can even play with dolphins.



Zanzibar Dolphin Tour: Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar is a very interesting tour to do as you get the whole chance to get and swim close to dolphins in their free and wildlife. Dolphins are friendly marine mammals and not harmful to human life. Many tourists in the world pay special attention to visit destinations they can see dolphins easily.

Zanzibar Island is a lucky one with famous dolphin points, especially in the south coast of Kizimkazi village. Bottlenose dolphins are popular and are often seen when settled after having had their prey. Dolphins need to be in free life, not be interrupted and harassed due to personal interests but it is good to visit dolphins with the wide mind of playing with them without any disturbances.

The aims of introducing this tour are to attract more people particularly tourism sectors and make awareness of dolphin their existence. Worldwide dolphins are conserved mammals and we must emphasize as well.


It is a crucial marine attraction, as many people come to Zanzibar with this special interest. Let us make it easy, professional access with total care and great attention at all times. Zanzibar is very proud of the dolphins and it makes the tour with added value and with special handling. They are wonderful dolphins and it takes no much time to see and swim with them closer in good terms and respect to nature.


 Zanzibar Dolphin Tours


Zanzibar Dolphin Tour specially designed to deliverer the best of the famous genuine dolphin tour experience with knowledge, skills and experience preferably. Arrive at Kizimkazi, select your well maintained snorkeling gears per your size while we get your marine park conservation fees tickets which is your support to the state and the community, get the day program introduction from guide then board on motorized boat and it’s the captain and the crew to set off to the famous points dolphin seen.

It is not a long ride away and not to the deep sea – you will be lucky to see the dolphins and here it is the captain’s advice only to be taken, then the captain can advise to go off and swim with them or if seen but still hunting then you will have to be patient for the next advice. The trip out in the sea on a boat takes 2 hrs and for sure it is enough time if dolphins are seen. Enjoy refreshments on board and relax under the sun. 


Apart from playing and swimming friendly with dolphins you would as well as snorkelling at the full of the fish coral reef then ride to Menai Bay sandbank for a delicious seafood lunch with drinks. Enjoy lunch and drinks under the shade with all free fresh romantic air far out on the sea. Enjoy groups of marine birds flying across and playing on the sandbank. It is wonderful and blissful. Thereafter it is a boat rode back to the shore and driven back home. 

Truthfully, the dolphin tour has been attracting a great number of people of all sorts, young to old, poor to rich, and the part of it, foreigners who are the most well welcomed because the income that the government generates. Surprisingly enough even the inhabitants of these islands namely Unguja and Pemba never stay back, they typically take part of it, going dolphins tour is very matter to the natives because of enjoyment, relaxation, refreshing and freeing their minds mentally.

Finally, Dolphins are friendly marine mammals and not harmful to human life. Many tourists in the world pay special attention to visit destinations so they can see dolphins with easy. In so doing under the very humble viewpoints of mine, there are needs for Zanzibar government to preserve and to safeguard this marine mammal for the best, since the visited foreigners contribute much in national income, the same goes to Zanzibar inhabitants and to those who pay visit must have understood the positive contributions brought by the dolphins nationally so that to the future to come the marine mammals will and always be existing and not vanishing. Together, let us not lose this beauty of this island and let us not lose the marine mammals of our kinds, because good things always are protected with special and extraordinary care.



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