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1 11月

Where can we listen to European music?


There are some places where you can enjoy some progressive trance and electronic music in Zanzibar and this can be a real treat after nights of “Bongo Flava” music dancing. “Bongo Flava” is one of most popular music genre in eastern Africa.

But today I am going to introduce places where you can enjoy European music.


 If you are tired of dancing to the local tunes, you can go to Paje and get a party like you’re in Barcelona at B4 pub and grill. You can enjoy some cool trance music real right next to the waters on the beach and under the beautiful stars at Paje. B4 is also very popular for its famous burgers and French fries. To party the night away on the African coast to European trance music is just a must-do. Besides, not everyone can move to the Afrobeat. This takes place every Saturday at B4 in Paje. 


 Another spot to chill and vibe to progressive electronic music is in Pongwe at the Seasons lodge on Sundays thus rightfully named Sunday sessions. Pongwe is located northeast of the island of Zanzibar. It is a day time thing by the swimming pool, iced cocktails to keep you cool and if the tide is right the sea is right there. I can hardly think of a better way to end a weekend, that hypnotic beat, the swimming pool surrounded by beautiful people, ice-cold drink in your hand, the sun shining warm, it’s one of the little simple pleasures that this paradise has to offer and it’s no wonder why nobody ever really wants to leave Zanzibar.

  Last on the list is the infamous full moon party in Kendwa beach up north close to Nungwi. This is a once a month party affair on the weekend Saturday of the full moon so if you happen to be in Zanzibar on this astronomical time of the month then you should make your way down to Kendwa for the full moon party. 


 stone town


Six degrees south is a fancy restaurant with a rooftop bar, located at the coastline of stone town. They serve continental cuisines and play chill vibe music during the day and the parties on the weekends are a blend of European and local African music, this blend is carried out across most of the local nightlife clubs and pubs such as Tatu located next to six degrees in stone town. Bwawani night club is located a little north of the seaport of stone town. Ngalawa night club is located in Bububu. Livingston bar and restaurant which is located on the beach in stone town. That bar has a band set stage where you can listen to a fusion of African jazz and rock. You can join and jam with the band if you have some musical skills they are more than welcoming. The Taperia on top of the old post office on Shangani street of stone town also brandishes exotic bands on the weekends starting from Thursday, note they are closed on Sundays. During the day a playlist of chilled mixed music will relax you as you sip on a cool drink and enjoy another day on the beautiful island of Zanzibar. 


 Oh how can I dare to forget the great, the legendary, the magnificent, Freddie Mercury who is forever idolized at the mercury bar with all his works and greatest hits being played all day long if he isn’t European British pop to be exact then so are the Beetles’ feel like there is a little bit of European music in every pub and restaurant you visit that caters to foreigners here around stone town, the north coast of Nungwi, boasts a number of large clubs well known for their nightlife charm and devoted followers of the dancing cult that has taken over in the past recent years. Coco Bello is an infamous name when it comes to nightlife and playing of European music, in the beautiful sunny north bathed in white sand the beach is incomparable to any other in the world. The youngsters these days take their boomboxes wherever they go and thus always have their favourite music close at hand. In this sense, you are enjoying the best scenario with the greatest view with your buddies and your favourite music in the background. A lot of local music of this generation has roots and influences from jazz and Spanish folk to Arabic Tarab music and many great bands are trying to preserve this traditional way of making music. 


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