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12 11月

Zanzibar International Film Festival

What is Zanzibar International Film Festival?

The Zanzibar International Film Festival also is known as Festival of the Dhow Countries is an annual film festival held in ZanzibarTanzania. It has been described as the largest cultural event in East Africa. ZIFF is a non-governmental organization established in 1997 to develop and promote the film and other cultural industries as a catalyst for the regional social and economic growth. The Zanzibar International Film Festival is a particular highlight and features an exciting awards ceremony and numerous movie screenings.


The Festival of the Dhow Countries is now the largest annual cultural event in East Africa, and among the eight major festivals in sub-Saharan Africa. It is scheduled annually around the first two weeks in July. The festival celebrates the arts and cultures of the African Continent, India, Pakistan, Iran and the Indian Ocean islands. It features an international film and video competition, music, theatre and performing arts, workshops, seminars, conferences and other related arts and cultural programmes. The festival programme is centred in a variety of magnificent venues near the seafront in the historic Stone Town; with a Village Panorama that extends the festival to rural communities; Women’s Panorama, which provides a focus for women’s issues and the participation of children and youths.

Taking a broader view, it is the question on how to enjoying this extraordinary festival that makes people demand it every other day with the presence of its beauty and environment. Of course, it is the best by far of a kind, the festival utterly takes a fortnight, around July annually, people of different sorts, rich or poor, young or old, able or not, black or white have the right to warmly participate in this festival beyond doubts.

Perhaps this is the best-known festival from Zanzibar, featuring movies of all kinds from documentaries to full-length films and shorts. You’ll get to watch movies from countries like Madagascar, India, and Iran. There is also an awards ceremony, movies aren’t the only thing it’s famous for. Workshops, masterclasses and performances are also on offer. The festival is arguably the largest multidisciplinary art and cultural festival in Africa, and continues to lead as a tourist attraction event in the region. 



What can you do at Zanzibar International Film Festival


A hundred thousands of Visitors are seriously attracted to the Zanzibar International Film Festival for its outdoor setting and to celebrate the unique cultural heritage of Africa and then to enjoy the charm of Stone Town and the miles of white sandy beaches of Zanzibar and Pemba. “ ZIFF’s major outdoor performances take place in the city’s Old Fort, featuring an ancient amphitheatre; others occur in the House of Wonders and Zanzibar’s Museum of History and Culture. There will also be street performances, including storytelling, live music and dance, art exhibits, and a range of film and video industry workshops, seminars, screenings, and social events.

ZIFF is very amazing and extraordinary one, it makes peoples’ enjoyment goes beyond, the visitors usually enjoy things of some sorts, their happiness is self-explanatory, most important, it brings people together, people who are belonging to different skins, different classes, different origins, people who are belonged to different religions to come together as one people, enjoying expressing their thoughts, showing their uniqueness of their cultures accompanying themselves with drinking, music and dances. There comes a moment one might think that these people belonged to a particular place, of course, they are not, they belong differently, but the beauty and attractiveness of this festival make them forget their classes and their differences. 


Attendees can enjoy conferences, workshops and seminars in between displays of the performing arts including music and theatre shows. The festival programme includes special features, activities and discussions around the role of film in rural communities, women’s issues plus children and youth development. The main highlight is the showcasing of film and video features for which there is a competition.

The event unfolds at various venues around the waterfront of Stone Town on Zanzibar Island. The final night of the event is set aside for the Zanzibar International Film Festival Awards and the airing of short films produced during the workshops.


Purpose of Zanzibar International Film Festival


ZIIFF has helped Zanzibar to promote internationally and to develop film and other relevant cultural industries as tools for social and economic growth in the region; it sends messages to the world about the indigenous and the uniqueness of African cultures, arts, whose goal is to protect and conserve the rich cultural heritage of the African. 


To finally explaining, this festival stands as a wakeup call for the Africans to carefully safeguard and persevering their long fond cultures heritages, inherited from their long lost ancestors passing generation to generation, this festival helps us( Africans) defining ourselves who we are, where are we and where might we be in the long-distance future to come. To position ourselves at the best, there is a need to prolong and giving a helpful hand this festival to have a continuous life.


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