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13 11月

Popular music in Zanzibar

Music is one of Entertainment in the form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure and delight. It has now become an important part of our life, as it plays many roles in our daily life; the best source of entertainment, makes us so entertained. For most people music is enjoyable. But for those who seriously practised the musical experience can be something more. Of course in Tanzania the influence of music is radically growing up from generations to generations, the same goes to Zanzibar.

Music is so much more than that definition; music is in everything around us. Music can be found everywhere in our world. It helps people find themselves and helps them through hard times that we all face in our lives. Music gives us a way to express ourselves and show how we feel inside ourselves that we don’t usually let people see. In Zanzibar, Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. 

Categorically, the likes of bongo flavour, traditional music, mind, taarab, reggae and hip hop are the most types of music are found in Tanzania -Zanzibar. Here come the famous songs that have taken the heart of the listeners.

Jibebe song


It is pop style song, produced by WASAPI, featuring by Diamond Platnumz, Mbosso and Lava Lava, this song is probably the biggest Tanzanian song right now. Diamond gets the whole Wasafi crew together for a song that’s taking over East Africa. Truly, this song has caught the eyes, mind and the ears of the audiences across East Africa particularly Zanzibar, through radio, TV and social network the like of YouTube and facebook it has taken the lead, everyone talking about out this song that brought entertainment and pleasure to fans.  




Tetema – Rayvanny 


Tetema is kind of pop song, produced by Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, better known by his stage name Rayvanny a Tanzanian musician, songwriter and dancer from the WCB Wasafi Records label has comes up with another hit titled “Tetena“which will really put your playlist into repeat where he teamed up with the Tanzania music king, Diamond Platinum where they both show the new dancing step by the king of the street of the Zanku dance. 

Tetema – Rayvanny



‘Kanyaga’ by Diamond Platinum 


Kanyaga is a pop song directed by Kenny. Diamond Platinum is undoubtedly the king of East African music. Truthfully, Diamond has generally been killing it with hit after hit this year. Kanyaga is another song that catches the eyes of the people in Tanzania particularly Zanzibar. It feels like there can’t be a person down Zanzibar who hasn’t heard this song. If a phone rings Kanyaga will most likely be the ringtone. It has been one of the famous songs that frequently hints at night clubs as well.

Diamond Platnumz – Kanyaga



Bam Bam song – Fid Q 


This is Rap & Hip-Hop song, Tanzania’s elite rapper; Fareed Kubanda known by his stage name Fid Q released a new audio track “Bam Bam” by bringing together other amazing artists like Isha Mashauzi, Rich Mavoko and Big Jahman. Fid Q has a vast music history having previously done some great collabos with some of the top talents in the industry. This track shows that he still has a lot in store for his fans. 

Bam Bam



‘Pepeta’ by Rayvanny and Nora Fatehi


This is Rap & Hip-Hop song, which features Canadian singer, dancer, model and actress Nora Fatehi, does not just want make you want to dance it demands itself, you will not be able to control yourself, naturally it convinces you to pay attention to it ‘Pepeta’ get played in the region’s dance clubs all year round and although it is not Rayvanny‘s biggest hit, it’s popular for its dance instructions and brass stabs.

Pepeta – Ray Vanny, Nora Fatehi



Finally, in my opinion, music is something extraordinary; it is what makes humans happier. Music is in many ways the fabric to our lives and the definition of society. Can also be described as one of the most treasured human experiences, everyone enjoys music and this becomes more apparent in every significant event from weddings and funerals to graduation ceremonies formal inaugurations and birthdays. No matter what it is used for, music is the perfect art and our lives would be incomplete without it. There are many different styles, something for every occasion as it is very relieving and relaxing which can make our bad days better.



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