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14 11月

Nungwi vilage and beach Zanzibar

Nungwi is a large village located in the far northern end of the island of Zanzibar. With a population of about 5,563, Nungwi is the second- or third-largest settlement on the island; it is situated in the Nungwi Ward in the Kaskazini A District of the Unguja North Region. It is about 35 miles (56 km) north of Zanzibar town. Nungwi was traditionally a fishing village and dhow-building centre but is now a popular tourist destination with numerous resorts, restaurants, bars and stores. 



Nungwi Village


It is the question on how one’s might be reaching or paying a visit at this wonderful and miraculous village, simply to put, Nungwi can be reached by public bus or a hired vehicle from Zanzibar Town. The main road goes through the villages MtoniMahondaKinvasini and Kivunge. It approximately costs about 3,000 Tanzanian shillings if one takes public transport (Dala-Dala), self numbered 166, which leave daily from Zanzibar Town at Darajani terminal. 

Nungwi is the one among the best place to pay a visit in Zanzibar; all sorts of enjoyments are found there, as a part of the enjoyment, it is a safe place to enjoy, walking around and buy some fruit, painting and souvenir from the local shops in the village main road. There are an outnumbered attractions of their best kinds in this beautiful and attractive village, some of them are out of ordinary ones, not be able to find them any other places, the likes of pure soft white sand, priceless beaches, beautiful turquoise sea, great for safe swimming, stunning sunsets and fantastic boat trips.

With the low tide, there is an excellent walk during day and night which also you can see the activities of the local people, fishing, going to school, women searching crustaceans, sellers of shells, trips and so on.

It sounds the fact that, in spite of having an outnumbered activities in this village, the most eye-catch one turns out to tourism sector, always take the lead, it is radically growing up with the presence of having things that typically catching the eyes. The availability of the ocean parallel with beautiful beaches around, eyeful hotels and other attractions the like of restaurants, fantastic boat trips and turtles have significantly played the greatest part to take the considerations of the foreign tourists and the native to frequently pay a visit none stop in this wonderful village.

 Though the village is known for many things, probably the most famous reason to visit Nungwi is to enjoy one of Zanzibar’s most spectacular beaches. Nungwi Beaches are the most of Zanzibar Island. It is listed as one of the best Zanzibar beaches, beaches are characterized by great nightlife, azure water, white sandy beaches and low tides making it a perfect place to swim, snorkel and walk around the beach, with the presence of dreamy sunsets along Nungwi beach poses an unforgettable experience to tourist touring the area.


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Nungwi Beaches


Take part in several water activities along, including scuba during the day or at night, take a trip to Mnemba Island where snorkelling is a common fun-filled sport, visit the nearby villages along the beach to know more about culture, history of the people around.

Another thing you can do when you visiting Nungwi is going to Mnarani Natural Aquarium, which is not the most impressive aquarium in the world, but you will get to see sea turtles up and close.


Mnarani Natural Aquarium

The Mnarani Natural Aquarium of Nungwi is a natural conservation, a pond that helps reserve sea turtles that hatch on the nearby Mnemba Island atoll, just off the coast of Zanzibar. Over the years, turtles have been hunted around Zanzibar Island for their attractive shells and meat.

This aquarium is managed by a non-governmental organization which provides all services and care required by turtles, which includes feeding them, keeping them in a large seawater pool until the turtles can return to the sea.

The majority of the turtles in Mnarani aquarium are the green turtles while others include Hawksbill sea turtles and Loggerhead sea turtles. Within a walking distance from Mnarani Aquarium, there is conservation, pond known as Baraka Natural Aquarium, which is home to green turtles and different types of fish. In the clear water of this smaller pool, tourist may swim with turtles and feed them.

Although luxury hotels are now available, Nungwi and especially Kendwa remain two of the best destinations on Zanzibar Island for quality, affordable accommodation. Head at Nungwi if you’re looking for a party, a place to enjoy, a place of full celebrations and entertainments then you will be able to fully meet your desires. Truthfully, Nungwi is the prettiest and most popular beach in Zanzibarchosen by CNN as one of the best beaches for 2018. There are tourists all year round while most businesses stay open through the low season.


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