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18 11月

Ferry or airplane? to go to Zanzibar

It is the question on how one’s might be reaching or paying a visit to the beautiful islands notably known as Zanzibar, the place of which one might find himself enjoying beyond one can tell. Of course, the likes of air transport, land transport and marine transport are the best well known by far as a means of transport across the world. And people unceasingly prefer those aforementioned ways of transport as a means of transportation.

Ferry is better?

The same goes to Zanzibar, where it is believed to have the two best ways of transport which are marine and airline transport, unfortunately, there is no way one can reach Zanzibar through land transport, why? Because these are islands, covered by water (Indian Ocean) both parts, as a result, it is impossible to get Zanzibar by car, motorcycles or any other form of vehicles used as land transport.

Here comes the question, which one is better between the two of them, ferry or airplane. Unfortunately, it is very big us to have the right way answer, particularly to those who have yet experienced those two means of transport, but according to the popular point of views, it is safer and sound to have airline journey than the marine one to Zanzibar in the wake of having an outnumbered reasons, the likes of the question of convenience and time travel hour.

The likes of Azam coastal Ferry and Fast ferry are the best notable companies, offering faster ferry services From Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba). Of course, there are many boats providing ferry services that including the Sea Star, Sea Bus, Sea Express, and the Kilimanjaro, depending on the time you wish to depart. All of the ferries are fine options, however, if you get a chance, take the brand new Kilimanjaro boat by Azam Marine, it is quite of its kind and the best front runner in the heart of the passengers.

On the other side of the coin, there are outnumbered of companies providing flight services, the likes of Coastal Aviation, Precision AirFastjet Tanzania, and Air Tanzania all companies provide exceptional services beyond expectations.

Here comes the activities between marine and flight transport by comparisons, when it comes to price, there is no doubt the fact that freight transport involving higher cost than the ferry, truthfully, the ferry is cheaper and can be a far more pleasant experience and a ticket will run you less than half of what it costs to fly, as a result taking airplane ones might have to prepare himself or herself more financially.

In comparison of traveling hours, the high-speed boats run four times a day each way, take about two hours or one hour and forty five minus, oftentimes the length of the time depending the sea atmosphere, bad weather on the sea can create unnecessary handbrakes, creating stubbornness and even messy situation posing a threats to boat speed. Contrary to flight, it seems the plane ride involves about half an hour from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar.

In comparison of convenience, they both providing the best services of their ordinary kinds, through the services received, but airplane is more convenient in comparison to that of marine boats, it seems the number of the passengers received on board (freight) is quite smaller to that of receiving from boats, from long-life marine experience boats have the tendency of receiving the passengers beyond their able capacity, the boats become overcrowded, no place to breath out sometimes, create inconveniences, stubbornness, and this happens because people prefer boats to freight because of price tag.

In the meanwhile, when it comes to packing the packages there no contradiction the fact that marine transport is by far better to that of freight transportation, you can pack as much as you want on bots decks but not so in the airplane, of course, there is a typically limited number of weights permitted by airplane that the passers ca carry with.


Airplane is better?

For safety and security reasons. It is by far better to transport by airplane than marine boats, why? With the help of the government, airports receiving many considerations, better services, equipping by necessary technological advancements than marine ports. This happens because of the airports receiving a large number of foreigners via airports than marine, and even the government officials themselves would like to transport via airplane than boats, it seems for that particular reason, the airports received as many services as none stop compares to that of marine ports.

A popular option is to book your tickets ahead of the time travel schedule as early as it gets, this enables the passengers to avoid unnecessary tiresome problems the likes of ticket’s horrendous queues. At times if you delay booking your ticket early, you might have to call off your trips by the reason of the empty seats are no longer freely available. And this is happening oftentimes particularly marine transport was a great number of people prefer to travel by boats with the presence of reasonably and affordable prices. 

To put the matter to bed, though we love the rush of high-speed ferry travel, flying to Zanzibar proves to be the best use of your limited time in Tanzania. You can book the plane ticket that takes you directly there. To fly is to avoid seasickness, overcrowded boats, and potentially long, overland travel to get to and from the ports. So it up to passenger himself to decide what to take between the two possible ways to get to Zanzibar whether by ferry transport or by freight transport.


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