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18 11月

Reasons I recommend you to take a trip to Zanzibar

It is crime not to mention one of the very best kinds of islands in Africa, the paradise of Africa, the land of the beauty, the place where everybody dreamed to be, that is of course Zanzibar. If you have never come across to it, take a close look at it, it is very self-explanatory, one of its kinds. If you, fortunately, come up eye to eye to it, keep on staring, taking a closer and broader looks, there comes the failure of personal emotions control to yourself, wondering how amazing and miraculous the island is, from its creations, natural environment and the inhabitants themselves who are believed to be very kinder, calmer and very humane of their nature kind.



Truthfully, these islands need special appreciation in association with a special position in the world, in the wake of having outnumbered attractions the likes of beautiful beaches, historical sites, and even Forrest. Oftentimes, people have typically been asking what the specialties of the Zanzibar are. Simply put, here come the best attractions that can undoubtedly convince some to take a trip to Zanzibar particularly during holiday or vocation.


  •   Beautiful beaches destinations.   Zanzibar is the home of idyllic beaches, with the presences of wonderful and miraculous beaches, of course could be the perfect reason to pay a visit to Zanzibar, to see the beauty of the beaches, do all other staff that suits you, the likes clear warm waters, coral reefs and rich marine diversity making it a perfect underwater destination for snorkeling and diving. And the perfect beaches should you have to pay a visit are the likes of Nungwi beaches, Kiwengwa beaches, Michamvi beaches but the most eyed catching goes to Nungwi at Kendwa beaches, it is safe to place to enjoy, walking around and buy some fruit, painting, and souvenir from the local shops, great for safe swimming, stunning sunsets and fantastic boat trips.



  • Red Colobus Monkeys in Jozani Forest: Zanzibar well-known National Park – Jozani Forest is famous for its indigenous red colobus monkeys. they are not just any monkeys, but they are special and the very of their best kinds, not available any other place in the world, except Zanzibar itself, in so doing, take a trip to this island to discover the red colobus monkeys and explore other varieties of the wildlife of some sorts.


  • Spice Tour: Another interesting thing to do in Zanzibar is to go on a Spice Tour. Zanzibar cloves and spices are the sources of its agricultural wealth. Discover a blend of colors, smell the blend of flavors and taste the spices – nutmeg, cumin, ginger, turmeric, curry, and pepper, also learn more about why spices are important in Zanzibar.


  • Full of life, joy and accompanying with civilized humankind: Zanzibar is a destination for all, it is a place where you meet the astonishing people you never thought existed, a mix of friendly, fun, calm, philosophical, extreme, wonderful and lovely people who are so full of life. The people of Zanzibar are known for their friendliness, the locals are generally helpful and welcoming towards visitors. Every day you spend in Zanzibar, you’ll be at peace with yourself, make friends, laugh and enjoy life to its fullest.


  • A Mix of Culture, Music, and Museums: If you’re keen to experience and enjoy real Zanzibar Taarab music, the Culture Musical Club in Stone Town is one of the most creative venues. If you have a weakness for discovering the history and culture, Zanzibar is full of historic museums and galleries. Places like; Zanzibar Gallery, Palace Museum, and Peace Memorial Museum will give you a wonderful insight into this amazing and culturally diverse island.


  • Stone Town: Stone Town is known as the cultural heart of Zanzibar. When you arrive at this town, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘ancient’. However, the city looks old with lively bazaars, winding alleys, primeval mosques, and magnificent Arab houses but it is also a very interesting place to visit. There are so many things to see in this ancient city; from the Old Fort to the beautiful beaches in the city. You will definitely have a swell time.


  • Beautiful and Luxury Accommodation: Accommodation in Zanzibar is no problem. There are lots of hotels, guest houses and self-catering apartments that will suit your preference. Zanzibar has some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts, campsite retreat and beach rentals for every choice.


  • Thrilling Water Activities: Zanzibar’s islands are composed of ancient, beautiful coral in reefs that are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also try your hand at deep-sea fishing with professional guides. If you prefer something more relaxing, you can enjoy a dhow cruise in a traditional hand-crafted Swahili boat. A dhow cruise will give you some of the best sightseeing opportunities available.


  • History and traditional Dhow: Zanzibar has a long and complex history that has been the biggest slave market in East Africa, as well as a base for voyaging traders. It became well-known as the Spice Island for its aromatic spice offerings and was also an important player in the ivory trade. Zanzibar has been diversely influenced by the British, Arabs, Portuguese, Indians, Persians and Africans, all of whom have passed through the island and left their mark. Enjoy a trip on a traditional hand-crafted wooden dhow – a remnant from the trade history of the area and still in use daily for transport and fishing. So take a trip to Zanzibar to understand the history that involved humans exchanged as trade or commodities down the market bygone days.



To put the matter to bed, Zanzibar Islands is the perfect place to pay a visit, particularly to those who are in holiday or vocations, take your time to be in this beautiful and the most attractive island of Africa, with full of enjoyments you might find yourself in, accompanying with calmer local people who are the best of their kind natures. Zanzibar’s reputation as an island paradise is not an exaggeration. The beautiful island features an entire eastern coast and miles of sandy pristine beaches. There you will find amazing beaches, vast coral reefs, a relaxed atmosphere and seafood dishes that will make your holiday a memorable one.


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