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19 11月

Why should you stay hostel rather than hotels in Zanzibar

Hostel a building that provides cheap accommodation and meals to guests, workers or travelers or while Hotel a building where people stay, usually for a short time, paying for their rooms and meals it is difficult to find the difference between the two of them, some other hostels are taken as hotels mistakenly while hotels are taken as hotel; it happens but not oftentimes, it creates confusion to some people particularly the ones who have never experienced in those two areas. 


Zanzibar Hotel vs Hostel

The same goes to Zanzibar, where hostels and hotels of all different kinds are available, from Town to countryside, they are many in number, big, best of their kind, surrounded by best environment, full of relaxation and providing the extraordinary services you could ever encounter for, you might sometime kill your time, a couple of hour and days with the presence of their beautiful and attractive sites, the likes of Tembo hotel, Serena hotel, Kendwa hotel are the best hotel available in Zanzibar and NEW Teddy’s Place, Drifters Backpackers hostel and Kipepeo Backpackers, Nungwi, Zanzibar turns out to the best hostel preferably available.


Basically, it is the question why should you stay in hostel rather than hotel in Zanzibar, on what ground might you prefer there, what is about it any way, are there any specialties in comparison with hotels, in so doing here comes the decisive grounds should you taken hostel and not hotel without a second thoughts.


They’re Cheaper: To cut costs, Staying in a hostel will save you huge amounts of money. Hostels forgo many of the usual room amenities that no business travelers use anyway. You probably won’t find luxuries such as telephones, irons, coffee makers, or hairdryers. You will, however, find a TV and some of those other items in the common area of the hostel to be shared by all. The savings for unnecessary luxuries are passed on to guests.

Generally, hostels are much cheaper than hotels with prices as low as it gets, depending on the destination you are planning to visit. For an even cheaper budget option, guests also have the option to stay in a dorm room and save even more. However, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your room with random people and your budget is a little less stretched, there is always the option of booking a private room, which the majority of higher hostels offer, where you can experience a little more luxury, your own en-suite and a bit of privacy.


You’ll Meet People: On top of being cheaper, hostels are great places to meet other travelers. Hostels are often far more social than their hotel counterparts. The social atmosphere in hostels is unique, and it’s what makes hostelling so addictive. It can transform your trip from a sightseeing tour into a more meaningful experience. You’ll meet new friends from all over the world. You’ll cook together, drink together, and go on adventures together. These days having the right connections can be quite key in setting your future.

Hostels Focus on Travelers: Unlike chain hotels with headquarters based far away, possibly even overseas, hostels are the fact that they are normally located near the transport links which may help you to conveniently get to various tourist places you are interested in. 

You Can Negotiate: Since some hostels cater to backpackers who only stay a couple of nights at a time, you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you’ll be staying a week or longer. Many owners would rather have a long-term guest occupy a room to avoid empty for a few nights. Hostels may be willing to work with you on price, particularly if you’re staying during the low season.

Moreover, the vast majority of the hostels are well equipped with all modern amenities including free Wi-Fi, whereas in hotels, it is likely that a specific charge is allocated to a certain period spent using the Internet.

Besides, one of the expenses you can’t simply exclude from your budget is food. Hostels enable you to save a rather large sum of money by allowing you to use a communal kitchen. This way you are not entitled to eat out every night and you can cook yourself a healthy, well-balanced option rather than opting for fast food.

To put the matter to bed, many travelers worry about the security and safety of staying in hostels, perhaps having heard horror stories from several years back. However, current Zanzibar hostels place the security and safety of their guests as the top priority, to provide its visitors with a comfortable experience, limiting events that could frustrate you on your trip. Today, hostels tend to have a variety of security options ranging from safes behind reception, lockers in the rooms, electronic swipe cards for you to use when getting in or out, 24-hour security on-site and CCTVs recording common areas. 


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