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20 11月

How to get to Zanzibar from Europe

Simple way? 


 Getting to Zanzibar from European countries is not as simple as it looks. It is a very long process with full of boundaries that should be crossing, whether crossing by air or through the sea, you might have through an outnumbered of handbrakes, crossing the big oceans, mountains, forests, passing all different kind of countries and bearing all kind of disturbances so as to reaching Zanzibar destination. And it is highly suggested that taking a trip to Zanzibar by air is by far better than by sea because you will be able to avoid unnecessary handbrakes, than the ones you might have faced with, if the decision is taken, traveling by sea prefers by the travelers to air flights.


From Europe to Zanzibar

 A series of preparations should be prioritized by the travelers themselves, knowing that the distance covered between Zanzibar and Europe is beyond measures and an unlimited one. The travelers must have prepared themselves with tiredness accompanying exhaustion and sickness, simply those are the things being taken into considerations once one decides to take a trip to Zanzibar.

Truthfully, the longevity between the two of them is separated by sort of things the likes continents, countries, mountains and hills, oceans, lake, and pounds, in so doing to reach Zanzibar you will have to get through all the aforementioned boundaries.

In connection with the airline’s companies, there are some sorts of routs headed to Zanzibar, those companies offering the best different kinds of services; one of their services is to get you to Zanzibar via different airlines destinations, the likes of Ethiopian Airline, Oman Air, Qatar Airways.


from London


Although there are currently no direct flights between London and Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam, there are several options via other international airports. A few airlines fly into Zanzibar itself, avoiding the need to transfer in Dar es Salaam. Qatar Airways can work particularly well here. You can depart London Heathrow in the evening, change flights in Doha, and fly into Zanzibar with an arrival time of around 14.20. If you are hoping to avoid light aircraft flights, this could be a good choice.

Another option would be to fly with Kenya Airways, with a transfer at Nairobi. You would then depart London Heathrow in the afternoon and arrive in Zanzibar at around 10.00 the following morning.


Domestic line


Alternatively, you could choose to fly into Dar es Salaam, and then transfer by light aircraft to Zanzibar. You would be met at the international airport and transferred to the domestic airport, where you would then hop onto a light aircraft for the 20-minute flight to Zanzibar Stone Town Airport. Flights between Dar and Zanzibar operate daily and are very frequent, typically every hour or two. The first flight leaves Dar around 07.30 in the morning; the last flight at 18.00 in the evening. It is also possible to fly to Zanzibar from many other places in Tanzania, including Arusha, Manyara, Ruaha, the Serengeti, and Mafia Island; daily flights operate for all these routes.

Although not quite as frequent as the flights from Dar es Salaam, there are around five flights a day from Nairobi to Zanzibar Stone Town, with the first departing at 07.30 and the last just before midnight.


from Germany


In the meanwhile, the cheapest national airline you can fly with recently is Ethiopian. They fly from Frankfurt (Germany) and several other European destinations to Zanzibar via Addis Ababa, with a short Stopover in Dar. There are also some charter airlines flying directly to Zanzibar, from Germany the likes of Condor. But also, there are some from other European countries, especially from Italy. The most popular flight routes from Germany to Zanzibar City are Hamburg to Zanzibar City, Nürnberg to Zanzibar City, and Munich to Zanzibar City, but the fastest flight from Germany to Zanzibar City is from Frankfurt to Zanzibar City, with an average flight time of 10h 45m.


from Spain


On the other side of Spain, you can also get to Zanzibar through the most popular flight routes from Spain to Zanzibar City including Barcelona to Zanzibar City, Madrid Zanzibar City, Malaga to Zanzibar City. But the fastest flight from Spain to Zanzibar City is from Madrid to Zanzibar City, with an average flight time of 12h 10m.




Basically, to put the matters to bed. There are also many regular charter flights from Europe traveling to Zanzibar. Ethiopian Airline, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai and Kenya Airways are providing direct international connections on a scheduled basis. Other Airlines such as British Air, Swiss Air, Egypt Air, Air France, Alliance Air, Emirates Air, Royal Swazi, Zambian Airways, and Air Zimbabwe fly to Dar – Es – Salaam, where you can connect to Zanzibar either by Sea or by small local charters, some of which operate regularly scheduled services. These include Precision Air, Zan Air and Coastal Travel.


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