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26 11月

Chilling spot in Zanzibar

This is a particular area or place. Here in Zanzibar are so many chilling spots very nearby and very away separately different from.


Including some areas in a town like Forodhani Park where this is the museum park since formerly the kingship in Zanzibar established for the very point of people going and taking a mentally and physically rest after a very long time of their activities working with

And this today is the spot where has very fabulously famous become and very occasionally in use for the local people taking with their bodies relaxed in evening also in the middle of the days for some other time because there are three hyrax trees with shadow enough when the day is sunny and a little place in center up covered when the day is rainy

However the spot has become also for the tourists in day going about by their guiders taken and learning some of the histories about Sultan, House of wonder, and the old fort and for other stone town histories, also the place during the evening becomes covered in full of people and crowded in every path for the main aim of cooling themselves 

Also, there is a particular place for the food it sells like pizza, shawarma and alike for the locals and tourists, so their people like to stay some movable and some not in the move and both of them enjoying the fresh air of the Indian Ocean.

Another spot is Mapinduzi Square which was constructed in 2017 and located in Michenzani Street nearby roundabout, this place is very used for the locals here is beautiful by looking and more interesting by seating mostly used in the evening and the place becomes somewhat cold with natural fresh air throughout

Also, the place is very open, therefore, here in some days used for some of the country activities in public like the time when the world cup is about to be in final, for the time when Eid-el Hajj and Eid el Fitr stand, for some small government in public meeting and more other activities.

As well as in few miles away from town, there is Zanzibar Park which is the amusing place with a small animal park inside, just for how so beautiful the place is, that I can even a bit have some touchable explanations on it. There is by far the most fabulously beautiful at something looking and easily most gladly enjoyable in person or with company chilling.

There the one can chill and heartily enjoy self by seeing the place is heaving with the young new generation to come, with each other together playing, passing close and far, playing childish game, swimming and other chilling like others watching their fellows with their moving ongoing, there is also in sometimes the childish football game played.

There is also the park for different animals like camel, horse, hyena alike. When during some tours people with their family would like to go and take a look at some of what they hear from the other people ever in that place have been. There they can feel conscious and admirable.

Apart from what on this paper mentioned and for the countryside areas which are natural creatively made very away from the west of Zanzibar are north and east of the Island. There is a lovely beach in the east which unites three villages in common Paje which is the center of Bwejuu and Jambiani villages and two other united villages are those names that have the above mentioned already.

This side of east it does not matter if it is low or high tide but the people always do their activities, locals for doing their business out there and tourists riding board kites tirelessly till the sunset and others only chilling and watching others even admiring as if they were them or would have sometimes done like them.

While there in north stand many hotels in the seaside and many of the people like how clean and swimmable the beach is, there are many activities for the tourists that they would like to do when they are there around like to play music that locals do especially for them, sunbathing at the beach particularly in the time of evening, some swimming and some would like to take a walk throughout the village

 Or apart from that there is a time in a year very special for full moon part and north is only place very unique in Zanzibar people almost go, in there some would like only to chill out and see how others do, normally this activity is done at Kendwa beach where there is very where people spend their night and do many things that would conquer their mind so as to forget many things which face them in their daily lives.

So there one-night full moon party can make you cool and forget many and get the new ideas in the next day. 


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