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28 11月

5 resort hotels in Zanzibar

It means the place where a lot of people go on holiday or vacation this might be the mountain, seaside or hotel or whichever.

Here in Zanzibar are a great many resort hotels in which people can go and stay or spend their vacation or holiday time therein, but in here is spoken of only five resort hotels


Park hyatt Zanzibar


Here starting with Park Hyatt; the luxurious five star hotel in seafront in west of the island, this hotel located in Stone Town at Shangani Street it is in the seaside of Forodhani beach, almost the building facing the ocean and overlooking the at the local beach also with the swimming pool aside which is the ideal place to enjoy the morning swim also relax in the sun or invigorate after the day exploring stone town.

When being in here it is very easy to make city tour without getting any physical tiredness, the bustling markets, mosques, and famed Zanzibar doors, featuring magnificent ornate wooden carvings in connection with the town key’s attractions are easily accessible on foot including Forodhani Gardens, the Old Fort, the Old Dispensary, the memorial museum, the palace museum together with the House of wonder.



Hotel Verde Zanzibar


And the second in next is Hotel Verde; this hotel is located at Mtoni marine beside the main road from stone town to the north of Zanzibar the east Africa island, this is one of five stars Hotel, it is modern and has the better condition and good weather outside, it has been everything in orderly arranged

There are special boats for the guests for the sake of prison and other islands or for any voyage of visiting the Zanzibar Island around. Also has a big and tireless place out there for staying unmovable and watching the waves of Indian Ocean, this hotel also has the own self private taxes with a night to some tours for the guests


The Residence Hotel Zanzibar


The Residence Hotel; which is located in a way to Kizimkazi, Mkunduchi, and Jambiani to Paje village. The Residence Hotel

 which stands approximately 250 meters or more to Kizimkazi village also it is around 300 meters from the main road.

This hotel is somehow amazing according to how it was constructed, it is very widely big enough and more in a way extremely separable designed on a map, there is good weather in it with a swimming pool also it takes many guests than any hotel in Zanzibar.

I witnessed the guests from some better-off nations like German, French, and English, also there is a good and understandable relationship between guests and workers between.

It has more than 400 villas most separately for different guests who would at any time arrive right there, however therein is also a beautiful garden with some attraction of red color monkey alike.



Africa house hotel Zanzibar


The other one is ‘Africa house’ This one located at Shangani street in Zanzibar stone town city and this hotel is face to face with Naku Penda island also very easy to take a boat and arrive there in short time. The hotel has a cultural shop in front of it, also this one has the very best open place up there for the coffee, ginger alike.

Africa house which is one of the old resort hotels in stone town city which has good condition and natured in weather, a bit outside of the hotel there stands a small garden which people would like to stay and spend much more time in watching the boats crossing and feeling sensibly conscious

Here is the special place where many people from different hotels in the countryside and town come during the early evening for the sunset.



White sand hotel Zanzibar


From what more there above for somewhat in explanations in here still adding the ‘White sand’ resort hotel which is located at the sandy Paje village. This hotel is around 30 steps away from the saltwater, it is on a lovely beach which there attends a great number of people at the evening time

 There come the people from different kinds other doing business other refreshing their mind other making exercise and other for the kiteboarding this hotel has generous servants and how so kindly they treated the guests that cannot be more in deep explained 




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