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28 11月

Night Market in Zanzibar

Night market is the one among the most popular market in this beautiful clove island, despite the markets being populated in the morning time there also a very interesting time for going to the market buying things, this happens to the most of the people who do not have the time enough of buying things in the morning or escaping the congestion of the people. So the night shift can sufficiently serve their needs.


Kinds of Market

In Zanzibar, there are a lot fewer places where by the night markets stand among them are “Forodhani”, “Kiembe Samaki” and “Darajani”. In these places the businessmen are becoming as sleepless as the watchman in provision the better services to their respective customers, a large number of the customers are the pure natives of the island and minority are nonnative who come in Zanzibar by visiting, working or enjoying with their families, friends or their colleagues.
The night markets are so very time to go and buy things in comparison with other time,

Firstly, the time is not sunny but it is overcast by moonlight, hence this can give the advantage of walking in the whole market without being dripping with sweat.

Second, there is less population compared with other times, this automatically reduces the congestion of traffic and people who come to the market.

Zanzibar night markets stand every day in some places like “Forodhani” and “Kiembe Samaki”, in these two places will make you wondering about by seeing far too many people are there relaxing, eating and others are swimming in the beautiful beach of Forodhani.
In these two places becoming not only markets but also the places of looking for tranquility and leisure as you can prove these by openly find different people of different races, religion, color, and rank looking for their needs, and others stay on the grass, bench or chairs, you can also meet them stay for group as family, couple as girlfriend and boyfriend and others are single handed with the package of pizza, or bowl of mixing (Urojo) and cooling their throat with the class of sugarcane juice,
Apart from the mentioned says, spending your night in these two areas notably walking by Forodhani beach, will kill all foolish feelings and make you grow strong, increasing in size becoming as strong as an elephant, feeling too much fine to go about your business, doubtlessly these places refresh your mind.



What you can do

Another moment for going to the night market is ten days prior to facing idd-el-Fitri or Idd-El-hajis, these are Islamic holidays which occurs twice in year, substantial number of people go to this market with the view to buying clothes, foods, mats, and other decorative objects which are specially used for beautifying houses, within a ten days the market becomes full of customers who intentionally come to get their personal needs.

In these busy days the parents go as far as to borrow or sell their very valuable things making sure that, their children do not wear rags or shabby clothes, in that day everyone is looking very nice, examples the girls wear kohl around their eyes regardless of age, and the boys run around firing cap guns. There is a general feeling of celebration as people go from house to house visiting friends and relatives.



Darajani market

The night market at Darajani has become one among the economic improvement of people who are in lower living standard, example the petty traders like food vendors, juice makers, and fruit vendors have the bright days of selling their goods, this is because the customers who go shopping spend more than an hour to seek for their need despite the fact that, the night time is not sunny, the walking is tiring so they must be so very tired and fatigued. Hence petty traders play a very important role in the life of the passersby, in that they are very closer people who can cool the fatigues and tiredness by providing swift services to these tired customers.

There are some very important things to be deemed by those who like to go shopping in the night, in spite the fact that Zanzibar is one amongst the tranquil and safe island there are some people who just try to test the revolutionary government of Zanzibar by doing unlawful things like theft, smuggling, riots, and other unwanted things. But at the end of the day, these kinds of people are caught in no time because the town has been circulated with different police officers who are there for finding the lawbreakers.
Also, the police officers are not backward or seem to be asleep at all on protecting the citizens and their wealth, this has been proven as often as not on TV and Radio seeing and hearing the caution as following;-
Watch your belongings and make sure that you keep a close eye on your wallet and phone because some pickpockets steal things from the people.

Though it might be true that, there are some fake items at the night market in Zanzibar the crackdown on fake goods is real. So you must know that most big brands have their shops at night market.
If anything bad happens, don’t stop yourself from reporting to any nearby police station or calling them to their well-known numbers to execute for the problem as soon as possible.




To sum up, Zanzibar does not have many places in the night market this is due to the best reasons said by the people that, night time is very moment of getting relaxation after spending, walking and working in the morning, afternoon and evening.
And also there are heaps fewer people who work and night shift, example security and fish-men, almost all people of Zanzibar work in the midday and keep the night as time of refreshing their bodies, so this doesn’t sound very so strange and unusual situation to the natives of this country but to the strangers it does, because in their countries there are so many places which goods are sold in the night.



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