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28 11月

Peace keeping of Zanzibar

No one can’t turn a blind eye to the question of peace in the world including Africa itself. Peace refers to a situation or a period in which there is no war or any particular violence in a country or area. No one can play with it, it is something to be safeguarded wholeheartedly and considered every hour, every day, and a week in week out. Our minds, our hearts should be devoted to continuously be the front runners at peacekeeping to together, to have the life with full of enjoyment and happiness at large. 


Honestly being, everyone prefers peace to violence, whether in our country or our families. Peace stands as a stepping stone to our further life advancement. Truthfully, there is always a special appreciation when it comes to peace in Tanzania which includes Zanzibar itself, being praised none stop for having an extraordinary peace that others are crying for, thanks to we( Zanzibar), for promoting peace under the watch of our government and civilian themselves, for playing a big roles for maintaining the peace.


We, Zanzibar should be very grateful for continuously being at peace; we are at peace in economic, at peace in politics even as well as at peace in society, which is, of course, we should be very proud of that. People have to remember the fact that as we live in peace there are people by now, who are in violence none stopped, who is in the middle of war not a moment too soon to stop. There are others who are desperately in search of peace, madly crying for peace, tired to death seeing endless violence takes place the likes of Congo and Somalia where peace had disappeared long enough time.

In the meantime, there are others who are in the midst of having peace talks or ongoing peace negotiations so as to settle the ongoing dispute, simply peace it seems to be a very tinnier thing to those who have it, but turns out to be a very big issue to those who are not at peace.

Joking apart, by the looks of it, losing a peace turns out to be the very expensive mistakes and can cost us very dearly, even millions of dollars are useless in comparison with peace, if we don’t have a peace we can anytime welcome unnecessary problems, and problems are not needed, they are dangerous, they typically pose a threat, causing disturbances and inconveniences, those problems never chose to whom to go to, they will be there creating handbrakes, roadblocks to our life advancements. We don’t need that, do we?

The likes of having a life full of unhappiness, the war of words, violence, war, divisions in the society, life full of hatred and in the worst-case scenario even death are the nasty outcomes fully expected once the peace is broken in a given country or society.

Truthfully, taking a wider sense, restore back the very long lost peace may sometimes take months and even years, according to that, we don’t have the right to play with our peace around, and if we do it, we will find ourselves at the thought of losing our humanity, taking into account that problems are not asked, we don’t have the guts to ask for them, because we are tired financially, conceptually and even thoughtfully. 

We don’t have many options when it comes to peace safeguarding, we are all responsible for that, regardless who you are or where you come from, it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white, young or old, poor or rich, able, disable, everyone has to play his part so as to promoting and preserving our peace for the best soon time to come, particularly for creating a positive and constructive future for our generation to come.

To put the matter to bed, ones should not carelessly playing with coin around the toilet, it will sink, and if it sinks, we might not be able to pull it out, and if we happen to get a little bit of luck to pull it out, it, of course, will be too late for that. The same goes to our peace in Zanzibar, we should not play around with it, we need it now, tomorrow and the next days ahead, a week yesterday we were at peace, by a week tomorrow we may not be, so together including with government itself shouldn’t turn a blind eye to whomever intends to breaking our peaceful atmosphere and taking an immediate corrective measures against those who intend to, such as bring them before the law for serving the right sentences. Remember the word “could I know “always comes the end of the journey. Hop, we take extraordinary measures of kinds to protecting and safeguarding our peace in all our aspects of life.


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