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1 12月

Zanzibar food for European

Making itself known to the world as the best place you can find the best spices of their ordinary kinds, has then made the Zanzibar food like nowhere else in the world to be seen, of course, having a delicious food around is what make people happier, is that what also make people so healthy. People are always running for balanced and delicious diet foods at the thought of shaping, balancing their body structures.

Zanzibar food

To wonderfully having suitable health goes to the same reasons for eating healthy products accompanying behind with exceptionally delicious food. By the looks of it from rich to poor, young or old, native or foreigners, all of us are the best spectators of the delicious food.

Every place has its indigenous food preference, from European to Arab, America to Africa even Tanzania to Zanzibar, all have kind of food of their best taste, at times there might be the same food of kind available every place but their taste is different in flavor due to the ingredients accompanying with at the time of cooking. Fortunately, Zanzibar has spices of our own, besting at beautifying our cooking with an amazing smell aside. Here come the Zanzibar dishes to die for.

Zanzibar Pizza: this is very worldwide dishes, this sort of food takes the heart of people at large, consisting of a flat round bread-based with cheese, meat, raw egg, onions, with mixtures of vegetables, and then frying with oil, of course, it is the food to enjoy in Zanzibar. Oftentimes it got served with tomato sauce plus chili sauce behind. I know this aforesaid dish is not strange in the mind of foreigners, but, much as being universal food, their taste could have been different in flavor, in so doing Zanzibar pizza is of its kind, which one should have been enjoyed it around. The best places to find Zanzibar pizza are Darajani plus Kwa mchina known as mini Forodhani, but the most eye-catching would have to be at Forodhani Zanzibar night market, you will be able to enjoy foods of some sort apart from Zanzibar pizza. 

Urojo Soup, notably known as Zanzibar mix, it is the best-favored food in Zanzibar, sold at every corner of the Zanzibar, from town to local area plus even countryside you might have come across with. It includes egg, meat, chutney, peppers, onion, cassava chips, boiled potatoes with mixtures of vegetables. The best time to enjoy this sort of food is in the morning and evening. You might have it as it is or accompanying it with any sort of bread, and that is preferable to have your stomach full. The best place to have it is at the Forodhani Zanzibar market; also other places the likes of Darajani, Kwa Mchina, Magomeni, and Kiembe samaki(fish). But the cost that you may incur in Forodhani could be different too that of other places.



Zanzibar Biryani: this is quite a popular food around the world, because of its kind, if food mixed to be vastly delicious then this biryani always take the lead. This food is prepared with spices of different kinds such as ginger, cumin, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg and others. The best place to have biryani, you might have to pay a visit to the well known best restaurants the likes of Lukmaan and Tea House Restaurant and Taarab Restaurant. So if you are a foreigner you better have to enjoy the taste of Zanzibar biryani accompanying a drink such sugar cane juice.

Chipsi Mayai known as chips and eggs: this also a very popular dish across the world, the same goes for Zanzibar, a great number of people are the best spectators of this particular type of dish. Joking apart, Zanzibar chips could be a little bit different from that of other places. Made from fried pieces of potatoes, with a mixture of vegetables known as salad, as well tomato and chill sauces around you will enjoy to the point of your contentment. And the best place to enjoying this particular designed of food for extra flavor is the Forodhani market particularly during at night.  



Zanzibar Pilau: taking a wider and closer look, you find a little different from that of Zanzibar biryani. Simply, this sort of food is the substitute for biryani, a well-cooked and prepared pilau can be a very good delicious food to enjoy it with. This dish required rice and well fresh meat components, with the preference of the very best spices the like of onions, cardamom, cloves, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and cumin, together with salad behind you can undoubtedly finding it so delicious of greater kind, accompanying yourself with drink the likes of mangoes juice plus banana so as to add an extraordinary flavor. The best place to have this delicious food is down the Restaurant such as Lukmaan The Beach House Restaurant and House of Spices.

To put the matter to bed, apart from what aforesaid above, truthfully there are many foods that you can enjoy in Zanzibar; they are the dish to kill. Of course, the best dishes you might ever encounter for, they are the food of their best kind filling your stomach with happiness. The likes Octopus and Cassava, Ndizi Kaanga, Coconut Bean Soup, Bokoboko (Bokuboku), and the others, that food, of course, will be able to turn your Trip to Zanzibar a memorable one in your lifetime, in so doing you are warmly welcome to enjoying Zanzibar dishes comfortably as much as possible.

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