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5 12月

The best season to travel Zanzibar

This is the period of time during a year when a particular activity happens or is done. Or any of the four main periods of a year that are spring, summer, autumn/fall, and winter.


Weather of Zanzibar


Fortunately in Zanzibar, there have always been all periods of those seasons in a year like rainy, sunny, wormed and a bit cold sometimes. But this happens differently from other African, European, Asian or Arabian countries, etc. like Russia, England, Dubai and the round of Atlantic continent, etc.

For a country like England the situation stays a bit the same and people always in jackets for the unpredictable weather that the rain and the snow falling fully and taking place in a long time until this situation leads for the roads and streets in some places fully by snow-covered and for some settlements of the people covered to the top too.

Therefore this situation becomes progressive until it leads some people to live in vulnerability somehow. Or else for the country such Dubai, the day is always sunny and the hottest part takes place in long and this to lead the people who go for doing business to be so hard and to them to become accustomed not to the situation according to how hotter the situation is

As well as there still stands tough time for them visiting some shops during the sunny and hot days, it is said that in there people cannot keep on living in a day with air-conditioning off, this is the kind of situation in which people from some nations to them is hard to live

Also a bit of what I know here speaking of the Atlantic that is for somehow said to be tragedy and unpredictable place that is also different from all nations throughout the world and there happens sometimes to become dangerous to people living in long or even sometimes passing through the sea, it happens in there to become with the same weather and same situation in a long time which there actually stays the coldest part in connection with the hottest part in sometimes different which lead the people to abandon their settlements.

Shortly in an explanation on touched those are among the spaces in the world around the situation of which is hard to get used to for the people very out of such native nations as the weather is predictably the same in such a long time staying approximately all of the periods of the year.

While in the islands of Zanzibar it is mostly different by far comparing other nations around the world, Zanzibar is predictably said to be the one best of all islands in east African. It does not matter if the period of time is spring, summer, autumn/fall or winter

Zanzibar has all four seasons of the year, but it will never snow. there is not the hottest part of the summer or there to be the coldest part of the winter other than all of the seasons take place in a certain limited time in Zanzibar islands

But after all of the seasons each other replacing in particular time, as well as there is appreciation of knowing in what part of the year or in what time best to visit in Zanzibar, which that time is by people suggested for the tourists visiting through the palaces during the time which is very enjoyable and coolly dry

Best season of Zanzibar


The best time to travel Zanzibar is from June to October which this time stays cool during these months which are the dry months of spring. And another popular season to visit Zanzibar is from dismembering and January which this is called the highly best season of all maintaining to February at the end of the season when it is extremely hot and dry

This is what suggested to stand and become to be the best time to travel to Zanzibar and enjoy them everywhere trip that you need to go like the spice farms and other places where the places are very dry and better natural weathered at this time mentioned. Therefore through these periods, you will not come back with some comments on your circuit during the days.

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