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6 12月

4 activities you should do in Zanzibar

In most cases, most the visitors who come to visit in Zanzibar have the very busy schedule after being inspired to visit in some places which they are told to visit or read an article and make them be more attracted with it, but in this article has just been mentioned the activities which you should never miss doing after docking either by sea or air, many tourists become most attracted and tell their fellows friends, families or colleagues to never miss to visit in Zanzibar due to the condition and attraction which are almost not available anywhere but Zanzibar. 

Spending your time to the splendid beach at Forodhani Gardens.

One amongst the most beautiful and attractive place in Zanzibar is going to visit at Forodhani garden in the evening time, at Forodhani Gardens on the seafront of Stone Town, street vendors set up their stalls, selling seafood and meat kebabs, samosas, Urojo soup (Zanzibar Mix), fruit, grilled maize, Zanzibar pizzas and sugar cane juice to tourists and locals alike.

In case you get them in the evening, you come across to the local young people going swimming with different styles, especially for the local young men who are jumping from the edge of the wall into the water this is very marvelous things that you can ever see. 

The atmosphere of the beach is a bit fresher, most of the tourists and local people spend their time to get fresh air, the lovely environment has just been surrounded by beautiful gardens with narrow paths, also there is an amusement park for children to enjoy with a seesaw. 

Wander the Maze of Stone Town

Stone Town is a city of prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa. Its architecture, mostly dating back to the 19th century, reflects the diverse influences underlying the Swahili culture, giving a unique mixture of ArabPersianIndian and European elements. For this reason, the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. 

Due to its heritage, Stone Town is also a major visitor attraction in Tanzania, and a large part of its economy depends on tourism-related activities.

Wondering the maze of stone town is one of the best tourist attractions to do in Zanzibar. Stone Town is the old town of Zanzibar City, the capital of the Zanzibar archipelago.

Whether you arrive by air or sea, you’ll pass through the city and you would probably suggest spending at least 2 days in Stone Town to soak up the atmosphere.

Buy Spices and Fabrics at Darajani Market

For a truly awesome, immersive shopping experience, head down to Darajani Market, the heartbeat of Stone Town. It’s a great, local experience as well as one of the free things to do in Stone Town (well, that is if you don’t buy anything).

Here you’ll find vendors selling all kinds of useful stuff – spices, clothing, mobile phones, oil, plastic goods, cooking utensils, fabric, fresh bread, fruit and veg, meat and if you go early in the day, you may catch the big fish auction.

Grab a samosa or chapati from a street food stall to keep your strength up as you wander around and don’t be afraid to have chat and enjoy the bartering process – Zanzibari people are very friendly!


Go on a Village Tour

While it’s fine to visit a lot of villages on the island, going on an organized village tour with a guide is a good way to get an insight into daily life while contributing to the local economy. Jambiani on the east coast is a great village to visit and the people very welcoming.

You can visit the fishermen, local women’s groups, herbalist and seaweed farms. Many tours, like this one, include a traditional Swahili lunch too.

Again, taking photos of people without their permission is not the done thing in Zanzibar (hence why you don’t see a lot of people in my pictures) but on a tour, you should be fine. If you go it alone, please, please, please ask before you take pictures of anyone in the villages

Try the Local Foods

The most amazing foods’ test which evermore tested by a large number of tourists when they come to visit in Zanzibar are so many, these foods have a very delicious taste when you eat, examples of some local foods, like cassava, this can be in coconut or boiled one. Also, there are so many spicy foods like Zanzibar pizza, biryani, Urojo, octopus and fried cassava, Chipsi Mayai (Chips and eggs) and alike. Also, the food culture of Zanzibar is all about indulging your senses. It is a culinary journey that will leave your taste buds begging for more, let your palate lead as you discover the aromatic magic of Zanzibar foods.

Zanzibar is an important trading hub on the old spice route between the east and west, the Zanzibari cuisine, is as you’d imagine, pretty amazing. Taking influences from all over the world, I’d go as far as to say, that the food in Zanzibar is the favorite in all of Africa!

Apart from the spicy foods, There are also tons of lovely foods you can buy off the street including the best favorites Kashata, Urojo soup, Mishkaki and mango with chili. To find some of the best places, you can take a Zanzibar food tour with a local guide.

Lastly, if you take a walk around Zanzibar, there is a thing to consider in order not come to irritate the local people of Zanzibar, that is, If you take any pictures of people in the market (or most places in Zanzibar), please ask first or take very general street scene pictures as it’s not polite to take pictures of people without their permission and a lot don’t like it, especially the older generation.



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